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Hrd in Australia

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This paper presents the research findings on the practice of Human Resource Development (HRD) in Australia. HRD can be defined as a set of systematic and planned activities design by an organization to provide its members with the opportunities to learn necessary skills to meet current and future job demands. The paper also highlights the challenges in the development of the HRD in the country such as the alignment of training and development practice with the business strategy, the unfocused and not strategic training, and lower level of resource allocator in this field. The implication of HRD by the means of globalization also has been stated in this paper. The later section of this paper identifies the strategies that are capable of overcoming the stated challenges. Such strategies are engaging to national vocational education and training (VET) system, and developed specific roles that can help the HRD practitioners to develop HRD field. Involvement of HR professional’s association members will also be crucial. The Australian government also participates to develop strategies by introducing the Training Guarantee Administration Act 1990, principally to raise Australia’s international competiveness. Australian organizations also involve by improving generic skills needed by the workers to perform well in the workplaces of the future.


In recent years, the rise of Human Resource Development (HRD) in Australia, as in most other developed nations, has focused on the attempts to better align training and development practices more closely with business strategy as a primary source of competitive advantage for all organisations (Tregaskis, 1997; Tregaskis, Heraty & Morley, 2001). Although recent research evidence suggests that employers are more committed to training than in the past, some...

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