Hrm 531 Week 1 Interclean Memo

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HRM 531 Week 1 InterClean Memo
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The day of the upcoming fusion between InterClean, Inc., and EnviroTech, Inc., will soon be effective. We as upper management supervisors need to direct and watch closely employees during this process. This is the perfect occasion that will help us reunite these extraordinary individuals, equipped on several whereas to work simultaneously to reach the common goals and the view of our organization.

The hardest job will take place during the following next weeks and months after the fusion. Before this fusion between the companies takes place I strongly recommend we hold a meeting to discuss some important points. A meeting will be held on September 14, 2009. In this meeting we will discuss the direction of the organization, and how this will affect our workers. In this meeting we will also determine the functions of us as managers at work, the conditions, and the relative importance for the total mission of this fusion. In the process we will analyze the procedures to be taken towards inappropriate behavior from employees. Not only bad behavior affects production levels and other employees moral and ethics but also affects the environment, atmosphere and communication levels.

HRM 531 Week 1 InterClean Memo
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