Hrm 531 Week 3 Career Development Ii Development of a Training and Mentoring Program

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HRM 531 Week 3 Career Development II Development of a Training and Mentoring Program
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InterClean will change into a solution based selling model. The resistance and the recent resignation of employees has been the result of this new model. The office of human resources have been thinking about hiring new employees with better knowledge, good abilities, to make this transition an easy one. According to (Dreher & Dougherty, 2001) “these new hires must also be able to acquire new knowledge and abilities as the works and the atmospheres change.” InterClean Inc. is a multibillionaire company in which it’s CEO David Spencer has decided to improve the operation of sales, service, and to propose the acquisition of the EnviroTech. InterClean has executed a new management and an enterprise strategy of human resources to its personnel and management proposing a new program of development of training for the new hires and the present personnel of sales as well.
InterClean can get to be more competitive analyzing its organization, successfully handling the transition, and improving services, quality of the product, processes and reducing the costs by effective human practices within the organization resources capacity. This company has the capacity to handle people to obtain the importance of this transition for each and the advantages of the success for the company and the employees. In order to avoid the employees to believe they are being threatened by the transition the company…...

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