Hrm/531 Week 5 Reflection

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Team D's Week Five Reflection Paper
Human Capital Management

Team D's Week Five Reflection Paper
Continual training and development of employees from low-level to high-level is an integral part of an organization reaching for and achieving its goals. In order for an organization to be successful, collaboration between individuals and departments is imperative. Organizations may have their standard training and development programs to assist employees in reaching their ultimate level of performance; however monitoring of performance is necessary to ensure individual and organizational goals are met.
The process of assessing an employee’s performance, managing employee opportunities and identifying areas of weakness is evaluated and handled in the performance improvement plan (PIP). The PIP spells out the areas of need, determines goals to improve these areas, and develops training and educational needs associated with successful performance enhancement development. The PIP addresses both the areas of behavioral and performance.
In the reflection, Team “D” will address training and development and the PIP process in more detail to gain a better understand of the process. Assessing, implementing, and re-evaluating behaviors and goals will be addressed.
Training and development of an employee are closely related but also very different. The goal is to achieve the tasks the organization requires and improve upon productivity and efficiency. The training process of a new employee is a requirement of his or her orientation. The employee will need to understand the roles and responsibilities of his or her job (Difference Between, 2011). According to Difference Between (2011), “Training makes an employee more productive for the organization and is thus concerned with his immediate improvement” (para. 1).
The development of an employee is…...