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HRM 533-Online

Do you think that Keith was justified in insisting that the job, not the person be evaluated? Explain you answer.

The difference between ‘job evaluation’ and ‘employee evaluation’ is that one is general and wide-ranging while the other one is individualistic. For the most part a job evaluation “is a formal, systematic means to identify the relative worth of the jobs within an organization.” (Mathis and Jackson, p. 382) In the process of ‘job evaluation’, a company reinforces the job descriptions and its relevance to the company. This is where specific tasks, duties and requirements are implemented. Scholars such as Fisher, Schoenfeld and Shaw states that performance appraisal is the ‘performance assessment and management process in which an employee’s contribution to the organization during a specific period of time is assessed.”(p. 423) In a performance appraisal meeting, an employee’s contribution or the lack of, is evaluated with the employee and his immediate supervisor. The key element is for the employee to be present at the time of the meeting. In this case, the meeting was called to reevaluate several jobs within the company.

Keith was reasonable to not involve a particular employee as part of the assessment. The purpose of the committee was to review certain jobs and not an individual employee. This was not a performance-appraisal meeting but rather to assess the job itself. The book states that ‘job evaluation can be defined as a formal process to create a job-worth hierarchy within an organization.”(p. 205) In the process of performing any employee’s performance, the job has to be evaluated and possible updated to make sure it is covering the company’s philosophy. The job has to encompass the company’s mission, philosophy and goals. This…...

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