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Hrm and Culture

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HRM and Culture
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Strategic Human Resource Management
December 1, 2013
HRM and Culture Women have been trying to shatter the glass ceiling for many years. The European Union has been touting equality between women and men for decades (Reding, 2012). In spite of their progress men still dominant company boards. 86.3% of board members are men while there are only 13.7% women. 96.8% of men are boardroom chairs while 3.2% are women (Reding, 2012). Corporate culture in Korea has come a long way but it still has a long way to go. Korean women continue to get paid 38% less than Korean men (Harden, B., 2010). South Korean women are seeking other careers besides teaching in today’s society. Even though times are changing South Korean men still do not want to acknowledge the changes (Phatak, Bhagat, & Kashlak, 2012). SK Telecom is Korea’s largest mobile phone carrier (Mu-hyun, 2012). It was established in 1984 and remains a major contender in the mobile industry. They are dedicated to building a better future for customers and information communications and staying on the cutting edge of technology (SK telecom, n.d.). SK Telecom has pioneered several historic breakthroughs such as the world’s first CDMA commercialization, world’s first CDMA 2000 1x, 1xEV-Do and HSDPA services (SK telecom, n.d.). With these types of innovating minds it is hard to believe that one of its’ senior managers is unwilling to hire women because he feels they lack tenacity (Phatak et al., 2012). SK Telecom is all about providing the best and cutting edge technologies to their customers. Choi Dong Hee was able to present management with the idea of allowing their customer to use any wireless portal. After numerous attempts she was finally able to get in front of the company chairman to sell her idea. Hee has changed some of the men’s view about…...

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