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Employee Compensation and Benefits
Dr. Jean Gordon
HRM 530- Strategic Human Resources Management
December 11, 2013

Choose the type of Organization for which you are designing a package. The type of organization I have chosen to design a package for is a newly opened medical supply store. The corporate office for the medical supply stores will be located in Lawrenceville, GA. This organization will sell medical supplies to medical facilities as well as to the public. The organization will sell online in addition to have few stores throughout the Metro Atlanta area. This company will have 5 locations and will have a total of 300 employees. Each location will be in charge of the online selling for their zone of 30 mile radius.
Develop an employee compensation and benefits package for this new position. Support your ideas for the compensation/benefits package. The position that I am hiring for is a secretary. After extensive research from bureau of labor statistics; the comparable pay for this secretary position will be $25.00 an hour. This position will be a non-exempt position and any overtime will need to get prior management approval. This position will offer medical, dental and vision plan and completing 90 days of satisfactory performance. The company will pay only 50% for the medical premium and the employee has to pay the other half. In addition, the employee will be responsible for paying 7.65% for social security and the organization will be responsible for the other 7.65%. In this package will include pay without work. The company will pay the employee for 5 holiday pay along with 48 hours of sick pay. In addition, vacation pay will include 80 hours first through 5th year and 5th through 15th year 120 hours and 15th year to 20th year 160 hours. The benefits package will include defined contribution plan of 401k. The employee will be...

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