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Hrm Conflict at a Workplace

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'A certain level of conflict at Wilson Bros was fine, but managers often told me that they often stopped short in fear of losing their jobs.' With the assistance of available research from the course and from external sources, comment on the following statement: Conflict is a normal part of life in an organization. We should tackle it head on no matter who we are in conflict with. There are advantages to be gained by engaging in conflict. Explain your answer and respond to at least two other students' postings. Your original post is due Thurs. Mar. 12 by 11:59PM with two response posts due no later than Sun. Mar. 15 by 11:59PM. (5)

Developing effective conflict resolution skill sets are an essential component of a building a sustainable business model. Unresolved conflict often results in loss of productivity, the stifling of creativity, and the creation of barriers to cooperation and collaboration. Perhaps most importantly for leaders, good conflict resolution ability equals good employee retention. Leaders who don’t deal with conflict will eventually watch their good talent walk out the door in search of a healthier and safer work environment.

It is essential for organizational health and performance that conflict be accepted and addressed through effective conflict resolution processes. While having a conflict resolution structure is important, effective utilization of conflict resolution processes is ultimately dependant upon the ability of all parties to understand the benefits of conflict resolution, and perhaps more importantly, their desire to resolve the matter.

While conflict is a normal part of any social and organizational setting, the challenge of conflict lies in how one chooses to deal with it. Concealed, avoided or otherwise ignored, conflict will likely fester only to grow into resentment, create withdrawal or cause factional infighting...

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