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Hrm – Essay Dunkin’ Donuts and Domino’s Pizza: Training for Quality and Hustle

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HRM – Essay
Dunkin’ Donuts and Domino’s Pizza:
Training for Quality and Hustle
Q 1. What are the strengths and shortcomings of a decentralized approach to training managers and hourly employees? Discuss
A 1. Strengths to train hourly employees: On-the job training is provided which give them more practical knowledge They can earn while they learn Performance standards are demanding so their training makes them more tough to handle work load Video cassettes and posters are provided by corporate staff so that they can learn through those videos and apply that in their jobs
Shortcomings to train hourly employees: Constant monitoring is not done by corporate staff due to which franchisee owners can skip some training sessions On-the job training means employees are not aware of their corporate headquarters working. Employees should see how their corporate staff actually works They are trained by store managers; therefore, they are bounded only to store operations. Their career will be bounded only up to restaurant operations.
Strengths to train Management trainees: Their training program provides them with practical as well as theoretical knowledge They are trained in corporate, therefore, they are aware of how corporate headquarters actually work which will sharpen their skills They have been trained by experienced store managers which give them skills to handle workload as well as they come to know about different experiences which they are likely to face in store operations
Shortcomings to train Management trainees:
After completing their education, employees already know many things about theoretical aspects, so no need to provide them with 6 months program and spend a lot on just training of store managers After completing 6 months program, if they are not able to clear the test, they…...

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