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Hrm Function

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Case Study-III

The Human Resource Function of Harrison Brothers Corporation

Q No.1 How does McCain Veiw her role as human resource manager ?
McCain views her role as a human resource manager as an overseer of processes and procedures. She feels it is her job to organize the staffing of the stores by conducting interviews and selecting the right personal for the job. McCain also feels she needs to closely monitor the employees performance to ensure the process and procedures that are in place, are properly used and every employee receives proper treatment.
As a human resource manager she seems interesting in promoting the organizational performance. She said she is so much busy in defining various gaps and making planning to fill those gaps. She seems much busy in interview and selection process and also helping in training to the new staffs. She is found to be initiating for establishing the systematic disciplinary action. She is also involving in enhancing the performance by creating commission/incentives for the sales person who sales more than breakeven. By all these facts, what I found is she is doing the analysis of the previous gaps and planning and initiating the gap fulfilment strategy but has been suffering staffs and time constraints. But due to the lack of staff in HR section she have to give more time in selection process and not been able to better coordinate with other
The most important task that she undertook is actually developing a human resource unit separate from operations and sales. This is an important task because the delineation of tasks enables the managers to focus on their areas. Due to the establishment of the human resource unit, had to slowly influence corresponding changes in the existing human resource-related practices. The change in the organisation was also recognized by , the sales manager. First change is the...

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