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1. Currently, HRM’s functions are drastically changing. The administrative role is decreasing due to the development of technologies, which allow cutting the time of administrative processes in several times. That is why HRM executes new functions of a strategic and business partner, and a change agent to its company. Under these conditions, HR department is being more involved in company’s life; therefore managers from different departments are getting more involved in developing and implementing HRM practices, for that it will help to improve the company’s well-being as a whole and reform each of its departments.

3. Intangible assets are a type of company asset including human, customer, social and intellectual capital. Intangible assets are very important to any company, since they attain up to 75% of its value and are responsible for the company’s competitive advantage. HRM practices are directly linked to the company’s human and social capital. Such practices as training, selection, performance management, empowering, employee engagement and talent management are playing a major role in developing and emerging human and social capital, and the company as a whole.

9. Sustainability is the ability of a company to make profit without sacrificing the resources of its employees, the community, or the environment. It is based on an approach to organizational decision making that considers the long term impact of strategies on stakeholders. Now days, many companies started to recognize that being socially and environmentally responsible will help it gain access to new markets, enhance company’s image and attract talented employees. HR practices assist a company in developing programs and strategies to develop a sustainable business. HR professional provide employees with training on environmental stewardship, energy efficiency, volunteer work and community...

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