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Job Description Position Title: Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management Department: Office of Enrollment Management Reports To: Vice President and Dean for Academic and Student Affairs

Position Summary: Provide leadership in the areas of strategic enrollment planning, admissions and recruitment, retention planning, financial aid, marketing, and the registrar’s office. Play a key role in meeting the College’s enrollment goals through active recruitment of qualified undergraduate, graduate and international students. Essential Duties and Responsibilities: (other duties may be assigned) • Develop and implement a data-driven, market-sensitive, goal-oriented and studentfocused Enrollment Management Plan, which includes systematic and efficient handling of applications, communication with applicants, interviews with applicants, and communicating final decisions to the appropriate individuals Supervise admissions staff, financial aid office, registrar’s office, and marketing department. Set opportunities for collaboration among these departments to support recruitment goals and ensure appropriate support to applicants Develop and implement an assessment plan for all areas of enrollment management Leadership of the Enrollment Management Team Lead the admissions team in finding best-fit students to visit, apply to and enroll in Burlington College, including planning annual recruiting travel schedule Develop and oversee the implementation of the College’s Marketing Plan, to include planning and coordinating the preparation of admissions materials, radio and print advertising, and promotional materials for the College’s academic and auxiliary programs Regularly communicate with prospective students, parents, guidance counselors, and transfer advisors, including attending college fairs, weekend events/expos, and high school visits Review prospective student...

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