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Abul Khaer
In our country many national ,multinational and local companies are doing business successfully. More or less every company have their own HRM department .Among local companies of Bangladesh we found “Abul Khair Group” have a quiet fair and active “HRM” department.T hey regularly recruit on the basis of their need .Abul khair Group is one of the Bangladeshi industrial conglomerates. The industries conglomerates include cement, steel, consumer goods, tobacco, edible oil etc. Here we focused and worked with “Abul Khair Tobacco CO. Ltd. Here we have briefly discussed about their(1) company overview(2)HRM overview (3)company structure (4) salary range (5)employee selection process (6) problems of selection process and it’s solution (7) probability of changing the selection process(8) feedback of the selection process(9)probationary period (10) training and development (11) expectation from a fresh graduate (12)demand of BBA and MBA in Abul Khair and (130)SWOT analysis.
To complete this sections several times we had visited the company and talked with many employees of the company and at last we took help from the website of Abul Khair.We tried to give relevant and authentic information of the company.
As we are varsity student we hardly tried to observe the demand of BBA and MBA students and the qualifications they look apart from certificates. By reading the text book we tried to do the SWOT analysis . we tried to do better...

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