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Hrm Practice in Ngof

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Chapter One:

1.1 Introduction
A non-governmental organization (NGO) is an organization that is neither a part of a government nor a conventional for-profit business.
Usually set up by ordinary citizens, NGOs may be funded by governments, foundations, businesses, or private persons. Some avoid formal funding altogether and are run primarily by volunteers. NGOs are highly diverse groups of organizations engaged in a wide range of activities, and take different forms in different parts of the world. Some may have charitable status, while others may be registered for tax exemption based on recognition of social purposes. Others may be fronts for political, religious or other interest. The number of NGOs in the Bangladesh is 2333( Bangladesh is a developing country. The NGO sectors today play a very critical role in public health development. Overall contribution and development is the traditional strength of NGOF, which is one of the largest NGO networking organizations in the country.
NGOF is determined to build long-term improvement of Public Health situation by reducing mortality and morbidity, and conserving sound environment. In order to implement its programmes as a process of holistic transformation of the society towards development, the Forum has emphasizing stepped forward maintaining a perfect balance among WatSan, health and environment. Combining hardware & software supports and networking efforts, NGO Forum materializes its integrated programmes directly and in association with its partners countrywide.
A student takes the Project program when he or she is at the last leg of any higher degree;
Project program brings a student closer to the real life situation and thereby helps to launch a career with some experience.

1.2 Origin of the report
Present world is changing...

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