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Hrm Practices in Marcantile Bank Ltd

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“Design A Smart Appraisal System for Modern Organization”

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Khan Sarfaraj Ali
Associate Management Counselor
Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM)

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Md. Mamun Hossain
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Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM)

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August 02, 2009

Table of contents

SL No Topic Page No.
01 Introductory Discussion 1
02 Methods of performance Appraisal
03 Traditional Methods of Performance Appraisal
04 Modern Methods of Performance Appraisal
05 Performance Appraisal Review Form
06 Conclusion
07 Bibliography

Executive Summary

Performance Means the degree or extent with which an employee applies his skill, knowledge, and effort to a job, assigned to him and the result of that application

Functions of Performance Appraisal includes to identify and define the specific job criteria, to measure and compare the performance in terms of the definite job criteria . KSAs are set to measure job performance in quantitative or qualitative terms. To develop and justify a reward system, relating rewards to employee performance. To identify the strengths and weakness of employees and to decide on proper placement and promotion. To develop suitable training and developments programs for enriching performance of the employees.

Methods of Performance Appraisal are traditional methods and modern approach of Performance Appraisal. Management by objectives is a comprehensive management approach, which is adopted for performance appraisal and so also for organizational development.

In MBO system its primary focus is on developing objective criteria for evaluating performance of the individual.

Identification of common goal is...

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Hrm Practices in Marcantile Bank Ltd

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