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BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing. There is a common misconception that B.P.O. and call centers, mean one and the same.
A call centre is a remote location in India wherein calls made by customers abroad are routed to India by means of telecommunication equipments. This call is answered by call centre agents who are trained to speak in an accent which the customer can understand. This accent is commonly referred to as Neutral Accent
Coming to the term Business Process Outsourcing, let us understand the term in a simple way by breaking it up. There is a business. Each business has got a process. A process means a specific way or method of doing a job. Those jobs which are routine in nature, are given to countries outside India, to save money by way of salaries.
OVERVIEW OF VARIOUS CAREER OPPORTUNITIES IN THE BPO INDUSTRY * Voice Process (Inbound and Outbound) * Semi Voice Process or Back Office Support * Medical Transcription * Medical Billing * Data Entry * E-Mail Support * Knowledge Process Outsourcing * Recruitment Process Outsourcing * Education Process Outsourcing * Legal Process Outsourcing * Technical Writing * Content Writing * Web Designing
NASSCOM stands for National Association of Software and Servicing Companies
It regulates the functioning of the IT and ITES industry
IT means Information Technology which includes software programming and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
ITES stands for Information Technology Enabled Services, which includes, BPO, KPO, RPO, EPO and LPO

A call center is a set up in India, wherein calls which are routine in nature made by foreign customers are routed to India and answered by agents who are trained to speak in an accent, which a person from...

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