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How to identify competent (and incompetent) managers

Effective managers do more than just supervise employees: they take responsibility for ensuring that an individual succeeds, and that the team, department or business unit achieves expected results.
The most productive companies provide their managers with the information and tools they need to understand the capabilities and styles of their teams. This gives managers a solid foundation for more effective coaching relationships.
Over the years we have identified eight signs of incompetent managers:
1. Poor communication skills
2. Weak leadership capabilities
3. Inability or unwillingness to adapt to change
4. Poor relationship-building skills
5. Ineffective task management
6. Poor productivity
7. Poor development of others
8. Neglectful of own personal development

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...dengan pegawai dan keamanan karyawan. Sasaran Pada akhir mata ajar ini, mahasiswa akan memiliki pemahaman tentang:  Aspek Internasional Human Capital Management (HCM)  Pelaksanaan HCM  Manajemen Proyek HCM  Konfigurasi HCM 3. Buku Rujukan dan Pokok Bahasan Buku Rujukan [1] Dessler, Gary, Human Resource Management, 13th Edition , Pearson, England, 2013. [2] Michael Amstrong, A Handbook of Human Resources Management Practice, Kogan Page, 2003. [3] Dennis M. Daley, Strategic Human Resource Management, Prentice-Hall, 2002. [4] Alfred J Walker, Handbook of HRIS, Reshaping the Human Resource Function with Technology, Mc Graw Hill Inc., 1993. Pokok Bahasan No Pokok Bahasan 1 Introduction to HRM Subpokok Bahasan Role of HRM in organization and business Balanced Scorecard and HR scorecard 2 Role of HRIS in a corporation...

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