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HRM 300 Employment Laws Chart

Complete the chart below using information from the weekly readings and additional research if necessary.

| | |Court Case Influential to | | |
| |Description and Requirement of Law |Establishment of Law |Importance of Law |Workplace Application |
|Employment Law | | | | |
| |Prohibits discrimination in hiring, |Jones v. Mayer Co (1968) |The law is important because it gives |This law prohibits discrimination in |
|Civil Rights Act of 1964 |compensation, terms, conditions or |The court held in this case that |individuals equal rights. The law |hiring. |
| |privileges of employment based on |federal law bars all racial |makes sure everyone is being treated | |
| |race, religion, color, sex, or |discrimination, in sale or rental of |fairly and it ensures no one has more | |
| |national origin (DeCenzo, Robbins, |property |rights than another person. | |
| |2007). |(Civil Rights, 2013). | | |
| |An amendment passed to enforce powers |Hill v. Pine Bluff |This law is important because it |This law assures that every employee |
|Equal Employment Opportunity Act |to the Equal Employment Opportunity |Female employee who did not get salary|supports fairness in the workplace for|be treated fairly in the workforce and|
| |commission (Decenzo, Robbins, 2007). |of retired workers lacks bias claim |people with different sex, race, |is responsible in making sure they |
| | |(Federal Equal Employment Opportunity |color, religion, or national origin. |have equal employment opportunities. |
| | |Laws, Cases, and Resources, 2012). | | |
| |Enforced by EEOC, the law prohibits |Corning Class Works v. Brennan 1974 |This law is important because it makes|The law make assures that the |
|Equal Pay Act |sex-based wage discrimination between |Ruled that employers cannot justify |sure if you are doing the same job you|workplace is fair to it’s employees |
| |men and women in the same workplace |paying women lower wages because that |should get paid the same. It should be|and being treated base on ethics when |
| |with the same job (The Equal Pay Act |is what the traditionally received |equal. |it is dealing with the job. |
| |of 1963, n.d.). |undergoing market rate is. | | |
| | | | | |
| | |(The Wage Gap, 2013) | | |
| |Protects employees 40-70 years of age |Western Air Lines v. Criswell |The importance of the law is for older|The law makes sure individuals are not|
|Age Discrimination in Employment Act |from discrimination (DeCenzo, Robbins,|Members of the flight crew at Western |age individuals who still can work, |discriminated on at their jobs because|
|of 1967 |2007). |to retire at 60 |get an opportunity to have a job. |of their ages and gives them |
| | |(Age Discrimination, 2005). | |employment if possible. |
| |Prohibits discrimination against an |Bragdon v. Abbott |The importance of the law is to give |In the workplace if an individual is |
|Americans with Disabilities Act of |essentially qualified individual, and |Abbott a plaintiff who is HIV positive|privileges to individuals with |disable but qualified he or she should|
|1990 |requires enterprises to reasonably |is denied service by a dentist |disabilities because they are the same|be able to be employed. |
| |accommodate individuals (DeCenzo, |(Rothstein,1998). |as everyone else. | |
| |Robbins, 2007). | | | |
| |Reinstates burden of proof by |Shaw v. Reno (1993) |The importance of this law is to make |The workplace application is to make |
|Civil Rights Act of 1991 |employer. Allow for punitive and |Court called into question legislative|civil rights stricter for the well- |sure employees or people seeking to be|
| |compensatory damages through jury |redistricting plans that create |being of minorities. |employed are treated fairly. |
| |trial (DeCenzo, Robbins, 2007). |districts likely to elect a member of | | |
| |. |a minority group (Key Supreme Court | | |
| | |Cases for Civil Rights, 2013). | | |
| |Permits employees in organizations of |Ragsdale v. Wolverine World Wide Inc. |The importance of this law is to look |The workplace application is to |
|Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of|50 or more workers to take up to 12 |The court considered the validity of a|out for the employees and their family|continue to give individuals |
|1993 |weeks of unpaid leave for family or |FMLA regulation which provided that if|at the time of leave while they still |employment in the need of a serious |
| |medical reason each year (DeCenzo, |an employee takes paid or unpaid leave|keep their jobs. |condition. |
| |Robbins, 2007). |and the employee does not designate | | |
| | |the leave as FMLA, the leave would not| | |
| | |count against the employee’s FMLA | | |
| | |entitlement. (Shimabukuro, 2005). | | |
| | | | | |
| | | | | |
| | | | | |
| |Requires federal government agencies |Clarkson v. Internal Revenue |The importance of the law is to give |In the workplace employers have the |
|Privacy Act of 1974 |to make available information in an |Service(1982) |individuals privacy. |right to look over employees but at |
| |individual’s personnel file (DeCenzo, |The IRS improperly maintained records | |the same time give them privacy. |
| |Robbins, 2007). |regarding the exercise of the | | |
| | |plaintiff’s first amendment right (The| | |
| | |Privacy Act of 1974, n.d.). | | |
| |Requires specific government-related |The Drug Free Workplace v. Medical |The importance of this law is to make |The workplace application is to make a|
|Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 |groups to ensure that their workplace |Marijuana. |sure no one get hurt or hurt others on|safer and more productive |
| |is drug-free (DeCenzo, Robbins, 2007).|2008 supreme court ruling in |the job by using drugs. |organization. |
| | |California, involving systems | | |
| | |administrator who was fired for using | | |
| | |medical marijuana (The Drug-Free | | |
| | |workplace vs. Medical Marijuana, | | |
| | |2010). | | |
| |Prohibits the use of lie detectors in |Harmon v. CB Squared Services, Inc. |The importance of the law is because |The workplace application is to give |
|Polygraph Protection Act of 1988 |screening all jobs applicants |After a year and 4 month working for |the test are not important and could |employees more trust and privacy. |
| |(DeCenzo, Robbins, 2007). |the company he was asked to take a |cause conflict in an organization. | |
| | |polygraph examination (Onder, 2009). | | |
| |Specifies for employers notification |United Food Workers v. Brown Group |The importance of the law is for |The work application is to have |
|Worker Adjustment and Retraining |requirements when closing down a plant|Inc. |employers to give notice to employees |employees informed about lay-offs or |
|Notification Act (WARN) of 1988 |or laying off large numbers of workers|Filed suit alleging that Brown Group |so that they can be ready for lay off.|closings so they can find other |
| |(DeCenzo, Robbins, 2007). |began laying off workers without | |employment. |
| | |notice (Oyez, 2011). | | |


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