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Hrm a New Mandatee

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Human Resourses Mgmt

Ulrich (1998) remarks that the human resource management function in organizations is often ineffective, incompetent, costly and value-sapping. Explain how Ulrich's 1998 model of the HR function can be used to create a value adding reputation in global businesses and evaluate whether these new emerging roles exist within Caribbean organizations.

Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 What is Human Resource Management? 4 The Traditional HRM Model as Value Sapping 6 A New Mandate for HRM 7 The New Model 7 The New Model in Global Organizations 11 HRM in the Caribbean 13 References 17

Executive Summary

Human Resource Management during recent years has been facing a number of challenges that has led to it being labelled as ineffective, incompetent and value sapping. The traditional model of Human resources had been ineffective and failed to add value to organisations through its practices. This model which simply focuses on the acquiring, rewarding, developing and protecting employees has led to the problem of Human resources management being an operation that is completely detached from the valued operations and strategies of the organisation and as such adds no real value. This has led to many organisations considering outsourcing the Human Resource department; a move that can cost them their success. In this paper the new mandate for Human Resource management is analysed and explained, applying it to global businesses and the Caribbean it justify whether this new model brought forward by Ulrich may help to alleviate the problems being experienced by Human Resources Management. Apart from that this paper also analyses the current condition of Human...

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