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March 7, 2014

Labor Relations Final

Identify two (2) different steps a company should take to prepare for its first round of bargaining with the union (pre-negotiation activities). Explain why each of the steps you have identified is critical to achieving an initial successful collective bargaining agreement with the union.

Whenever you bring people together, then put certain individuals in charge of others there is going to be conflict. In the labor relations world this has been going on since the 18th century with the rise of trade unions. (FCMS). Once a situation arises where there needs to be collective bargaining both the company and the union have to take steps to ensure success. The focus of the company before even sitting down at the negotiation table is two fold. The first is to gain situational awareness. This includes understanding what exactly is going to be the issues and then looking back at previous negotiations. This review of past negotiations is a starting point to build the foundation of a plan. The second step a company needs to do before sitting with the union representatives is gathering data. This would include looking back at the past labor contract period and predicting changes. Bring hard numbers to the table help to bring strong evidence for the company’s case.

A successful negotiation for the company will depend on preparation; that is why the first step may ultimately be one of the strongest factor on the outcome. To start preparing the company needs to collect the details of negotiations that have already occurred in and out of industry that may apply to this case. Looking at the strategy and technique of how those companies chose to go about negotiation and to what outcome. At the same time even more telling are previous negotiations with this union before. If you look back and see that you are going...

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