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To: Supervisor
From: British American Tobacco (BAT) Iraq – HR and Facilities Coordinator
Date: November 13, 2015

Subject: Job analysis of present role – BAT Iraq, HR and Facilities Coordinator

Dear Supervisor,
As requested, the following memo discusses a comprehensive job analysis of HR and Facilities Coordinator at British American Tobacco. A thorough 5-step job analysis process was examined to identify the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs and experience) associated with the successful performance (Belcourt & McBey 86). Furthermore, critical incidents technique, one of the five well-known techniques, was used. The result of the job analysis has presented a new job description (JD) that better reflects my current tasks and duties, and provides specific guidance on how to perform the job in accordance with the organizational strategy (Belcourt & McBey 87).
The 5-step job analysis was used to review my current position as a way to ensure high performance and contribution to the goals of the business: 1. Given that my position is central and critical (only HR member based in Erbil, Iraq), the analysis was carried out immediately. 2. The chosen methods to analyze was a combination of the following: a. Journals and Diaries: during Q2 of 2015, all my job activities were noted on a daily basis in addition to the length of time required for each. b. Current JDs and Specifications: in reviewing a previous/current JD for my job, it was clear that the scope of work has evolved and widened. For example: i. The current JD did not have any reportees. However, the company drivers as well the Business Coordinator are reporting to me. ii. The previous scope of tasks and duties did not include Facilities. However, with a recent restructuring of the organization the office, guesthouse and vehicle management falls...

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