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HSC English 2nd Paper Model Question-5

Class XII
Subject : English 2nd Paper

Time: 3 hrs. Full Marks: 100
Read the following passage and answer questions 1—8 that follow :

For the very survival man had to engage himself in trade. It began with the primitive barter which means exchanging one thing for another. With the growth of civilization and advent of international trade, barter was replaced by the complex world of the market place. Money standard weights and measures were developed to facilitate exchange.. Today, the market place allows products, processes and even ideas to be exchanged between nations.

There are a member of reasons why international trade takes place. All the countries of the world cannot produce all the goods they need. So the common and primary reason is that the countries which have surplus commodities or unused resource try to export them to the countries where they are not produced or are not available.

As we know at an early stage, trade was confined to only exchange of goods called barter. But barter had certain limitations because when a farmer wanted meat in exchange for his food-grains, the hunter did not need them. So man thought out a common means of exchange what we now call money. But as trade has become international, transaction between countries has become complicated too for their exit in different countries different kinds of money with different values. To solve this problem, mechanisms have been developed with much care and in great detail to effect transfer of payments from one country to another.

By selling or exporting goods and services to other countries we earn foreign exchange. This foreign exchange is used in importing the goods and services we need. So in international trade, foreign exchange plays a vital role. In fact, the more a country exports, the high is its foreign exchange earning.

1. True or false? Correct the incorrect ones :- 1x5=5

a) Man devoted himself to trade for his existence. b) The barter system has been abolished because of the advancement of civilization. c) An import oriented country earns more foreign currency. d) Today trade is confined to the people of a country. e) Many reasons led to the growth of trade.

2. Fill in the gaps with the correct form of verbs provided : 1x5=5

Man (a) ____ (engage) himself in trade to survive. The history of trade (b) _____ (date) back to primitive age. It (c) _____(start) its journey in the primitive age through barter system. But the barter system (d) _____ (last) long since civilization (e) _____ (spread) far and wide.

3. Make two columns, one showing positive activities and the other negative activities on the basis of the passage. Write down 2 activities in one column and 3 in the other. 1x5=5

4. Match the phrases from column A with ones in column B. There were more phrases in column B than are necessary. 1x5=5

|Column A |Column B |
|a) Man engaged himself in trade |a) a means of evil deeds only. |
|b) Money works as |b) behind international trade |
|c) Many factors word |c) a medium of exchange |
|d) No country is self sufficient |d) for spending time. |
|e) In the past barter was |e) in production |
| |f) the medium of exchange. |
| |g) for his existence. |

5. Based on information in the reading text, answer each of the following questions in one complete sentence:- 1x5=5

a) What is " barter"? b) How did trade actually begin? c) What are the limitations of barter? d) What are the reasons that make countries trade with each other? e) Why has trade become complicated when it has become international?

6. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words :- 1x5=5

With the (a) _______of civilization trade and commerce spread more. But barter system stood on the d) _____of transaction. So, men thought of finding out a new way of (c) ____ which resulted in the invention of money. But this money could not remove the (d) ____ faced by the businessmen to help them in transaction because of the different values of different money of different countries. So, to facilitate the transaction an acceptable currency named (e) _____exchange was introduced.

7. Make short notes by writing one point of information from the passage under each heading. 1x5=5

a) Man's engagement in trade? b) Barter? c) Replaument of barter? d) Source of earning foreign exchange? e) Common means of exchange? 8. Summaries the central idea of the passage in five sentences. 1x5=5

9. Fill in the blanks in the letter below with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. 1/2x20=20

Dear " Suchi"

I (a) _____ ( receive) your letter yesterday. It (b) _____ (give) me great pleasure that you (c) ____ (obtain) GPA 5 in the pretest Examination though you were very busy in dancing competition, of comes, there (d) ____ (be) no mention in your letter about your future plan which (e) _____(be) so important. You know, without plan nothing (f) ______ create) on earth and everything (g) ______(go) on accordingly. So it is important that you (h) _____(make) a plan of what you (i) _____(go) to do next. First, you decide what (j) _____ ( interest) you most. Remember, taking admission to a chosen department (k) _____ (become) uncertain. Nowadays, competition (l) ____ (held) among the best students. It (m) ____ (see) that even some of those who (n) ____ ( secure) GPA 5 last year (o) ______ (fail) to take admission to their desired subjects.

So, you (p) ______ (think) of alternative choice as well. Meet professor Zaman, our father's friend who (q) ____ (give) you some better suggestion. I (r) ____ ( look) forward to hearing from you soon. Rita (s) ____ (do) well. She (t) _____ (stand) first in her examination.

Your elder sister,

10. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words or phrases. You may use the same word more than once, if necessary. 1x10=10

Early rising (a) _____ getting up early in the morning. It is very good and important (b) ____ good health. (c)____ early can say his prayer to the Almighty. Early in the morning the nature (d) _____ clam. (e) ______ up early, we can in hale fresh oxygen. In the morning nature (f) ______with beautiful flowers. The beautiful sights and scenery (g)______our eyes. The (h) _____of the birds pleases us. (i) ____ more an early rises can earn more. So, by (j)___ early rising, one can be a gainer in many ways.


11. Answer the following questions to form a continuous paragraph (100) words. 10

a) Who is a teacher? b) What is his role? c) What qualities does he possess? d) Why is he busy? e) What is his only thought?

12. Imagine that you would like to attract the attention of your pen-friend about the celebration of the independence day in your college.
Describe all the nice things that you have done in such a way that he may feel interest in it. Try to make the features appear attractive. 10

13. Write a letter to you friend describing the importance of learning English in our country. 10

14. Suppose you attend a seminar on " International Mother Language Day".

You have been asked to tell about it. Write about it now. ( Include details about the importance of mother language, sacrifice of our heroic sons for the cause of our mother language, remembrance of the day.) Write about it in 150 words.

English 1st Paper Model Question for Class XII

Class XII
Subject: English 1st Paper
Time: 3 hrs. Full Marks: 100
PART - A : Seen Comprehension

Read the passage below and answer questions 1—4. 5x4=20

Capitalism developed in the European countries as a result of their ' laissez-faire ( hands off) policy. The idea of Global trade which was inherent in capitalism has now become Universalised. Taking advantage of globalisation. Capitalism seems to be on a triumphant march. We see that globalisation is creating more opportunities for capitalist Countries than for developing countries. In the name of help and cooperation, the industrially developed capitalist countries are exploiting the poorer countries by using their cheap labour. The global strategy of development promises greater employment opportunities to the people of poor countries but at the same time it also promises high returns to capital. This actually paves the way for a lasting poverty so that the capitalists can Continue to have a pool of cheap labour to draw from.

The exploited and impoverished workers of the developing countries are no match for a globaliscing powerful capitalism. As a result, the gap between wealth and poverty is ever widening. Globalisation has put the people of the world on the same vessel but in different cabins. Only a trifling minority are travelling in Luxurious cabins furnished with all modern amenities.

They have access to nutritious food, pure drinking water, sophisticated Medicare and a life of Luxury. But the overwhelming majority are travelling in the third class decks and are suffering from hunger and disease. globalisation can bring happiness to everyone only when all passengers of the ship can travel in the same class of cabins in conditions of solidarity, equity and justice. But will the capitalists ever allow this to happen?

1. Choose the right word to complete each sentence. 1x5=5

a) Taking advantage of globalisation, capitalism seems to be on a ( Jubilant/ humble / triumphant) march. b) Globalisation is creating more ( Convenience / inconvenience / awkward) for capitalist countries. c) In the name of help and Co- operation the industrially developed capitalist countries are ( manipulating /organizing/ controlling ) the poorer countries. d) The gap between the rich ad the poor countries is ( widening/ shrinking/ contracting). e) The workers of the developing countries are ( enriched /waged/ deprived )

2. True / false? If false, give the correct information : 1x5=5

a) The capitalist countries enjoy more opportunities for globalisation b) Very small number of people enjoy modern amenities of life. c) Globalisation has mitigated the gap between wealth and poverty. d) The capitalist countries draw high returns through the global strategy of development promises. e) Capitalism is the result of globalisation

3. Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the words in brackets. Add any prepositions if necessary. 1x5=5

a) The industrially developed countries ( cooperate) ______ the poorer countries. b) The poverty created by capitalism and globalisation ( lasting) _____ long. c) Capitalism ( wide) _____ the gap between the rich and the poor. d) The ( furnish) _____ the cabin are luxurious. e) The workers of the developing countries do not (match) _____a globalising powerful capitalism.

4. Make a list of five activities of capitalism. 1x5=5

Read the passage below and answer questions 5-8: 4x5=20

Globalisation is new largely based on a strong technological foundation. The electronic transfer of in formation via the internet has now created an instantaneous and interconnected world of information resulting in a 24 hour trading net work. This technology has largely changed banking and financial activities. world wide money transfer and transaction of businesses have now become a matter of clicking the mouse of a computer. Five out of every six dollars that move in the world economy today travel through the electronic medium. Some products like software and TV. Programmes are also amenable to digital or electronic transmission. We can now buy and sell goods through the electronic screen. Computers have thus brought about a revolutionary change in today's world. Globalisation is now only what technology makes possible.
5. Write short answers to the following questions. 1x5=5 a) What has brought a great change in banking and financial activities? b) How can goods be bought and sold now a days? c) What travels through the electronic medium? d) What has lent speed to the process of globalisation? e) What has brought about a revolutionary change?
6. Fill in the gaps with suitable words. 1x5=5
Strong technological foundation is _______ for globalisation. It has brought a great change in the ______ of banking and financial activities by keeping all the necessary ______ in the computer. Now a days most of the dollar ____is being done through electronic medium. Even this media is ______ to buy and sell goods.

7. Summarise the passage in five sentences ( in a passage form) . 1x5=5

8. Based on your reading of the passage make short notes in each of the boxes in the flow chart showing activities being done through electronic media. 1x5=5
| |
| |[|
| |p|
| |i|
| |c|
| |]|

| |
| |

[pic] [pic] [pic] [pic] Based on a strong

PART -B : Vocabulary ( 20 marks)

9. Select a proper word from the list and insert into each blank of the following passage. make any grammatical change if necessary. 1x10=10

|design |look |make |are |location |
|being |election |change |work |house |

A parliament is a house where a group of people sit, after being

a) _______ in a general election for b) ______and changing laws. In a parliament these legislative bodies c) ________responsible for making and d) ______laws between two general elections. 300 members attend our parliament (e) _____ elected in the general election and they (f) _____ as legislative body for five years. Our parliament is (g) _____ in the Sangsad Bhaban (h) ______ at sher-e- Bangla Nagar in Dhaka, (i) _____ by Louis Khan it (j) ____ very beautiful.

10. Fill in the blanks with an appropriate word in each gap. 1x10=10

Gender discrimination in Bangladesh begins at birth. Most (a) _____ want to have male children no that they can when they an older, supplement their (b) _____ income with the (c) _____ jobs. In the (d) ____ socioeconomic set up male children are best (e) ____ to this purpose. So girls are born to an unwelcome world. However, they are given, rather confined to, domestic (f) _____. Some of these girls many go to school, but all their work domestic or academic stops as soon as they are (g) ____ off, which is the prime (h) ______ of the parents about their daughters. This discriminatory (i) _____has some long term (j) ______ effects on the body and the mind of the girl children and women in a family.

PART -C : Guided writing ( 40 marks)

11. Match the phrases in the following substitution table to make sensible sentences. Write sentences in full. 2x6=12
|i) once there |was warned |refuse in a cellar |and he escaped. |
|ii) He |had |about a mile |Named sir patric Hume |
|iii) One day he |was |a nobleman |caught |
|iv) He |took |to hide |from his home |
|v) He |lived |nearly |below a church |
|vi) It |- |in time |from the king's men. |

12. The sentences in the following text are jumbled. Rewrite the sentences in the proper order and in a continuous paragraph to make a story. 14

i) But he rejected it as a protest against the atrocities of British government at Jalin walabag. ii) It brought him the highest honour in the form of the Nobel prize in 1913. iii) After the completion of his house education he was sent to school. iv) But he did not like institution al education. v) He was made a knight by the British government in 1914. vi) In his thirteenth year, Rabindranath along with his father went to Himalayas. vii) At the age of eighty, Rabindranath Tagore breathed his last . viii) But he studied literature with professor Hanry Morley for a few months and then returned home. ix) In 1911, he translated his poems of the Gitanjali in English. x) He was born in the renowned Tagore family in march, 1861. xi) So arrangements were made at house for his proper education. xii) Rabindranath Taore was one of the most leading poets in the history of the world literature. xiii) The university of oxford honored the poet with D. lit in 1940. xiv) He was sent to London to study law.

13. Write a paragraph of about 200 words based on the following questions. Your answers to the questions should give as much detail as possible. 14

What harm do the use and production of poly bags cause?
What harm does Poly bags burnt cause?
How has the use of Poly bags affected our traditional jute and cloth bags? Why is the use of poly bags wastage of money?
What should government do to get rid of the harmful effect of the use of poly bags?

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...বিবিএি বিবিত পরীক্ষার প্রস্তুবতিঃ-১ িাাংিা-মািরুফ হ াসিন বপ্রয় িদিযিৃন্দ, ১ িক্ষ ৬৩ াজার পরীক্ষার্থীসদর মধ্য হর্থসে হে দশ াজার পরীক্ষার্থী বপ্রবিবমনারী পরীক্ষার িাধ্া পার সত িক্ষম সয়সেন তাাঁসদরসে প্রাণঢািা অবিনন্দন জাবনসয় শুরু েরবে।আপনারা বিবিএি পরীক্ষার িিচাইসত েঠিন িাধ্া অবতক্রম েসর হফসিসেন-আশা েবর িুবনবদি ষ্ট প্রস্তুবতর মাধ্যসম িাবে পর্থটু কু িুি ি সজই পার সত পারসিন। িাাংিা পরীক্ষার জসনয আবম বেিাসি প্রস্তুবত বনসয়বেিাম আজ আবম হি িযাপাসর আপনাসদরসে জানাসিা।পূসিির হিিাগুসিার মত এিাসনও আবম শুরুসতই স্বীোর েসর বনবি হে আপনাসদরসে জ্ঞানদান েরিার মত হোগ্যতা িা অবিপ্রায় হোনটিই আমার হনই-আমার উসেশয শুধ্ুমাত্র এেজন ি োত্রী ব সিসি বনসজর িীমািদ্ধ অবিজ্ঞতার মাধ্যসম আপনাসদরসে েৎবেবিত িা ােয েরা।আপবন েবদ মসন েসরন এ হিিায় হেিি “টিপি” িণিনা েরা হিগুসিা োড়াও আপনার চিসি তা সি অিশযই তাই বিসিচনাসিাধ্ অনয োরও চাইসত েম এমনটি িািার হোন োরণ হনই। অসনে হগ্ৌরচবিো ি-চিুন শুরু েরা োে! সয়সে েরসিন-আপনার শুরুর আসগ্র ের্থা(িযস্ত পাঠে চাইসি এ অাংশটু কু িাদ বদসত পাসরন) বপ্রয় পরীক্ষার্থীিৃন্দ, আমরা অসনসেই ধ্সর বনই িাাংিা হেস তু মাতৃ িাষা-এসে বনসয় ো-ইসি-তাই েরিার অবধ্োর রসয়সে।দুিঃিজনে আমাসদর আমাসদর সিও িতয- অনযানয বিষয় বনসয় আমরা হেরেম প্রস্তুবত বনই তার বিবেিাগ্ও আমরা িাাংিার হপেসন িযয় েবরনা।আমরা িু সি োই হে িাাংিাসত রসয়সে ২০০ নম্বর এিাং এেটি িাসিা িাাংিা জানা পরীক্ষার্থী এই বিষসয় গ্ড়পড়তা অনযসদর চাইসত এমনেী ২০-৫০ নম্বরও হিবশ হপসত পাসর।শুনসত অবিশ্বািয মসন সি? এেটু বিসেষণ েরসিই িযাপারটির িতযতা হটর পাসিন।িাাংিা প্রর্থম পসত্র িযােরসণ ৩০ এর হিতসর ৩০, িাব সতয ৩০ এর মসধ্য ২০-২৫, িাি িম্প্রিারসণ......

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Case Study Analysis Hcs 588

...Case Study Analysis The complex and dynamic realm of health care has generated a need to focus on cultural change to improve health care quality. To overcome a decade of difficulties and implement a program for improving their quality, the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth (UNTHSC) began a journey to change the culture of their organization. Using the change model the new president initiated measures to revise the quality improvement program and strategies for meeting regulatory and accreditation standards. Many barriers interfered with the process but actions were executed to overcome these obstacles (Ransom, Joshi, Nash, & Ransom, 2008). This paper will describe the cultural change journey of UNTHSC through unfreezing their old culture and laying the foundation for a new culture of quality. Measures to Monitor and Revise Quality Program Implementation The measures used to monitor and revise quality program implementation foster changing the organizational structure of an institution. The UNTHSC at Forth Worth decided to institute cultural changes as a form of monitoring and influencing the change process. The initial element of the measurement process incorporated administrative, academic, clinical practice, research application, financial elements, and community goals. A baseline measure was associated with current levels of operations. The management team was held accountable in regard to focusing on four areas of......

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Family Relationship

...Impact of changing bridal selection criteria on Women ' s empowerment in Bangladesh A Dissertation by Shegufta Yasmin I D 05362001 Approved hy: Supervisor: Dr. Ferdous Jahan Academic Coordinator BRAC Development Institute, BRAC University --------------Director Professor Syed M. Hashemi BRAC Development Institute BRAC University Acknowledgement 1. Shegufta Yasmin bearing ID 05362001 am expressing my heart full gratitude to Almighty Allah for giving me the capability to complete this dissertation successfully. Next I am cordially grateful to Dr. Ferdous Jahan. Development Studies Program, BRAC University for her sincere help to give me a chance to complete my dissertation. Without her support it was impossible for me to complete this dissertation. Abstract A woman I girl is usually it burden for it family in our country . Generally no mother or father feels happy if they give birth of a baby girl. Then and then they start to do worry for the baby if it is not have fair skin colour . Parents start thinking of its marriage . This is the scenario of it girl. An infant also has to suffer for her beauty. A girl's journey starts just after her birth . In it teenage a girl can understand her parent ' s tension for her marriage . She starts to suffer in inferiority complex or superiority complex for her complexion etc. Both are harmful . Its like a poison for it girl's mind that she thinks herself outcast only for her physical beauty . On......

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Internship Report on Marketing Services of the Private Universities in Bangladesh -a Case Study on Southern University Bangladesh

...Internship Report On Marketing Services of The Private Universities in Bangladesh -A Case Study On Southern University Bangladesh [pic] BBA Program FACULTY OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY BANGLADESH |Submitted By |Under the Guidance of | | | | |Muhammad Mahmud Hossain Mamun |Prof. A. J. M. Nuruddin Chowdhury, | |ID Number: 111-24-18 |Former Vice- Chancellor, | |BBA Program |University of Chittagong | |Faculty of Business Administration |& | |Southern University Bangladesh. |Southern University Bangladesh. | Table of Contents |Particulars |Page No. ......

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State Insurance Exchanges as Catalysts to America’s Health Revolution

...State Insurance Exchanges as Catalysts to America’s Health Revolution HSC-536 W-Credit Saud Al Busmait (C060-797-64) 4/30/2012 The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act signed into law on March 23rd 2010 are both essential portions of American legislation, as well as wildly misunderstood in their entirety. Personally, and from recent academic experience, I meant that to sound exactly as the previous sentence expressed. Prior to actually introducing the main topic of this paper, being the ACA’s health insurance exchanges, and beginning to write, I honestly found myself experiencing writers block. This was so strange as there is an endless amount of very straightforward information available on the topic. I realized that the problem was rather interesting. I felt the need to first express my opinions of the ACA on a simpler note, purely writing what I really felt and believed about it as the thoughts flowed. I now realize why that was so. I believe that it was my newfound understanding and strong, honest support for the act that I had to sell, to at least a sufficient degree, to whomever may read this college student’s paper. This “sufficient degree” of mine is a fair understanding of the long-term, national importance that the ACA’s provisions may serve, ultimately through the efficiency of health insurance exchanges. The national importance being served is exponentially expanding medical care to the U.S...

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Case Study on Eldercare

...Case Study This assignment will outline my Practice Learning Opportunity (PLO) setting including my role. It will then explore the social work process in reference to one service user which includes; preparation for contact, assessment, intervention, review, endings and an evaluation of my work. Within this, multi- disciplinary work will also be explored identifying its strengths and limitations. The assignment will outline legislation and policy that determine social work roles and responsibilities to service users such as The Human Rights Act (1998) and Transforming Your Care (2011). Furthermore the assignment will consider how knowledge, skills, values, anti-oppressive practice and professional codes of conduct such as the Northern Ireland Social Care Council (NISCC) influenced my practice. My (PLO) is a community eldercare team, which provides a service for elderly people over the age of 65. The eldercare team works with service users, their families and professionals within a framework of anti-discriminatory practice to promote each person’s individual value. The aim of the team is to develop personal, social, health and greater independence for service users to enhance their strengths. Referrals are made by a range of professionals, including Gp’s, Hospital Social Workers and Self/Family referral. The eldercare team is situated in large town with a population of 59,607 according to NINIS (2011). Almost 17% (10,133) of this population is aged over 65, which......

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