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The College of St. Scholastica
Duluth, Minnesota School of Health Sciences GER/HSC 2203
U.S. Healthcare System Compare/contrast one other healthcare system of your choice with the US Healthcare System. Below are some Web sites that will help you with information about other countries. You are welcome to use other Web sites but please provide me the links. Also, if one of the below Web sites doesn’t work please let me know! You can choose one of these suggested countries or you can choose your own. This site can be used for most countries. This site can be used for Great Britain, Taiwan, Japan, Germany and Switzerland. This site can be used for Germany, France, U.K., Switzerland, and Netherlands.

Great Britain:

Australia: Germany:



Switzerland: Student Name: Jennifer Lau

|US Population – 299,000,000 |Population of – 63.2 million |
| | |
|How is the US Health Care System financed? The US Health...

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