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- we all have an addiction . someone or something . possibly killing you from the inside out . maybe smoking ...? depression ..? anxiety ..? cutting ...? everyone has something . an ex boyfriend/girlfriend they can't let go off ...? just something dragging you down that you need to let go of . it's drowning you . but your brain screams . I need it . one day your addiction will end up killing you . would it have all been worth it ? all the years smoking ? all the cuts ? feeling like your in constant fear ..? what if you could have stopped .? what if you would have gotten help ..? would it have all been worth it ..? I KNOW for a fact it's not . cutting is not something you should let take over your life . you have those scars forever . I HATE THAT SO MUCH . I can't wear shorts . I can't wear a baiting suite with out people looking at my scars . it was not worth it . THIS IS NOT FOR ATTENTION . I just wanted to post about it for my own reasons . but never . EVER . let your depression get the best of you . letting your mind believe cutting is the only answer . it's not !! there is help . there are people to help you !! but I couldn't see that . I was lost in my mind . all alone . fearful of living another day . going to school . dealing with people . never wanting to try . never feeling good enough . like I said again . THIS IS NOT FOR ATTENTION . I wanted to pay this for my own personal reasons . but im on the road to recovery . I have some people that need me . just please listen to me . NEVER LET A BLADE DEFINE YOUR SELF WORTH ! EVER . you're worth more then your scars . you're worth more than your depression . fight ! I know depression is hard . I still battle with it . just know I'm always here for you all . I know what it's like . I know that might have not all made sense ... lmao just stay with me .

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