Hsm 240 Week 1 Checkpoint Social Problems

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HSM 240 Week 1 CheckPoint Social Problems
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Social Problems Checkpoint
A problem in the context of human services is “concerns about the quality of life for large groups of people where the concern is held as a consensus population wide, and/or the concern are voiced by the socially powerful or the economically privileged.” (Chambers & Wedel, 2005) Inherently, a problem is anticipated to have a solution; whether it is viable or not is another question entirely. Examples of problems are unemployment, poverty, hunger, homelessness, lack of mobility, and discrimination.
A policy is generally a legislative guideline, rule, regulation, or law which requires an organization, agency, or individual to act in a certain way. Policies can also be found internally within organizations to dictate eligibility, behavior, and the consequences of violation of the policy. Generally, there are sanctions should a policy be ignored or changed without permission. Policies are developed to address certain problems and create goals for attempted resolution of those problems procedurally; taking into account a certain situation. Examples of policy are eligibility rules for TANF programs, lunch break policy within a given company, HIPAA requirements to ensure public healthcare information safety, and the due process clause within the United States Constitution.
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HSM 240 Week 1 CheckPoint Social Problems
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