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Hsm210 - Wk 7 - Check Point - Comparing Values

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Check Point - Comparing Values
January 10, 2014

Check Point - Comparing Values 1. What values underlie your desire to help others? The values that underlie my desire to help others I believe came from my parents. They always taught me to respect all people, and not judge anyone by the color of their skin or their level in society. With this said, I believe the values I have that underlies my desire to help others are tolerance of others and fair play. I believe you should not judge someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes and everyone should be treated the same no matter what their place in society might be. 2. What social issues do you feel strongly about? The social issues I feel most strongly about are the poor treatment and abuse of children and the elderly. There is no excuse to abuse anyone, much less someone who cannot defend their selves. The thought of anyone abusing a child makes me angry because of the fact I have two step-children who were severely abused by their biological mother before their father was able to get full custody of them. 3. What would you like to accomplish in human services? The one thing I would like to accomplish in human services is to work with the elderly population because I feel they are forgotten about. I would like to lobby my local politicians to have stricter laws in place about elderly abuse and how long-term care facilities are inspected to ensure the safety of these wonderful people. 4. How do you go about solving personal problems? When solving personal problems I try to stay calm and brainstorm it with someone who is close to me or knowledgeable about the situation that caused the problem. I am also known to do a lot of research when I have a problem that I cannot come up with a solution for. I then develop a...

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