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Hsm210 - Wk 8 - Check Point - Evaluating Communication Strategies

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Check Point: Evaluating Communication Strategies
January 17, 2014

Check Point: Evaluating Communication Strategies In order to communicate effectively with the multicultural group of women, children, the elderly and homeless, it is important to first learn how to communicate with them. To reach an understanding with each group it is essential to appreciate and understand each one of them, and to be kind and honest with them all when giving any kind of feedback or sharing experiences. It is also good to keep yourself in check to make sure you are aware of how your behavior and personality is affecting others. When you interact with each group, you should accept every person for who they are and not the current state of their life in general. Furthermore, you must show interest in helping them, while having the patience and understanding to do so (Burger & Youkeles, 2004, p. 195). One of the best strategies used for communicating with each of these clients are listening, communicating, giving honest feedback, observing their visual cues in order to gain insight, or to clarify their situations back to them to make sure you understand it by highlighting their struggles. Then summarize the situation and struggles to see what their most current, pressing needs are that you could help them take care of (Burger & Youkeles, 2004, p. 202). Moreover, in order to adapt your communication approach from one individual to the next you must be aware of what your personal attitudes, biases, beliefs, and knowledge about different cultures that make up your client base in order to consider everyone’s problems objectively, which allows you to define them correctly, make valid assessments, and present a solution that is acceptable to your client. Most important, you must have multicultural awareness in order to meet the ever changing needs that...

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