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Final Course Project This report was written to provide the reader with a demographic profile and a brief overview of the healthcare organizations, as well as informed them of the potential healthcare needs one might anticipate in this geographic area of Valley, Alabama. Not only that, it will also discuss the marketing analysis that will identify a specific proposed healthcare service for Lanier Hospital which is a cancer treatment center. It will also go in great detail about the overall marketing goals for the cancer treatment center that is being added to Lanier Hospital. It will also identify specific marketing objectives in the target market. Last but not least, it will make mention of the marketing plan that will give identify specific marketing strategies for achieving those objectives and goals such as, Product Strategies, Distribution Strategies, Promotion Strategies, and Pricing Strategies. After reading this information you will fully understand the marketing plan for the cancer treatment center at Lanier Hospital.
Demographic profile As of the 2010 census the population of Valley is 9,524. The racial breakdown is whites 64.0%, Blacks 33.0%, American Indian and Alaska Native 33.0% Asian 0.1%, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander 1.2%, people reporting more than one race 0.1%, Hispanic or Latino origin 1.1%, and white not Hispanic 1.7%. When it comes to the percentage of education it is listed as High school graduates falls at 74.1%. The people amount with a bachelor’s degree or higher is10.9% (QuickFacts from the US Census Bureau, 2012). Below you will find charts that will help you to better understand the gender, age and race breakdown of Valley, Alabama.

Gender chart which shows the gender being 47% Male and 53% Female The age breakdown chart states that the largest age group of people is 35 to 44 with 13.7% of the...

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