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Quiz 5 Study Guide
1. Private logic includes which of the following:
a. lifestyle goals,
b. hidden reasons,
c. immediate goals.
d. All of the above

2. Adler believed that problems that come to therapy are related to:
a. Career, love relationships and friendships
b. Attention, power, inadequacy
c. Career, sex, and power
d. Revenge, career, relationships

3. Adler believed people need to be educated to value and exhibit:
a. superiority
b. social interest
c. achievement
d. career competency

4. Adler’s concept of style of life refers to:
a. A person’s picture album
b. The way a person meets personal needs
c. The direction in which the person is moving
d. The family constellation

5. Which of the following is a personality priority according to Adlerians?
a. Disputing others
b. Emotional liability
c. Seeking revenge for inferiority
d. Pleasing

6. Which of the following did Adler consider a barometer of mental health?
a. Social interest
b. Goals of misbehavior
c. Lifestyle
d. Inferiority complex

7. Which of the following is an Adlerian concept?
a. a few people develop some sense of inferiority
b. masculine protest - a striving for power is common to both sexes
c. sexual pleasure is the prime motivator of behavior
d. individual interest is more important than social interest

8. Which of the following are true of Adlerian psychology?
a. behavior is mechanistic
b. one's level of social interest is not a good measure of mental health
c. pronounced egocentricity leads to good adjustment
d. persons feeling inferior will do useless things in order to prove their own worth by gaining attention 1) Which of the following is not one of the three environmental factors identified by Adler's individual psychology that affect the development of a child's personality?
a. family discipline
b. family

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