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Html Css 6th Edition Chapter 6 Video Quiz Questions

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1. To create a control element where users type or select a data value, you use the:
a. tag ****
b. text string
c. style sheet
d. field set

2. If you don't include a type attribute, browsers assume you are creating a(n):
a. file input box
b. text input box *****
c. hidden input box
d. image input box

3. What is required in the syntax when you need to refer to the control element?
a. checkbox
b. form label
c. id attribute ********
d. name asterisk

4. The asterisk in Name* tells users that Name is a(n):
a. id attribute
b. required field *******
c. form label
d. inline element

5. You create a selection list using the:
a. id attribute
b. name attribute
c. option element
d. selection element *******

6. Which term defines the number of options that the selection list displays at one time?
a. element
b. control
c. value ****
d. field

7. Consider your audience and its initial reaction to a selection list when setting the:
a. size attribute ******
b. list control
c. style coding
d. type option

8. The name attribute provides the name of the:
a. field value
b. selection list
c. style sheet
d. data field *****

9. To create an option button, use the input element with the type attribute set to a value of:
a. file
b. image
c. radio *******
d. text

10. When you use the same name for two or more option buttons, browsers treat them as a group, so selecting one option button automatically:
a. highlights all the others
b. selects all of the others
c. deletes all the others
d. deselects all of the others *****

11. When you link a label to an option button, users can select the option by:
a. double-clicking the option button
b. double-clicking the label button
c. clicking either the label or the option button ******
d. clicking the no option button

12. Make sure you assign all the option buttons in a group the same:
a. field name ******
b. field set
c. attribute value
d. type attribute

13. The process by which the field values from a Web form are tested before they can be used is called:
a. submission
b. data check
c. validation ******
d. attribution

14. With server-side validation, data is validated after it is sent to the:
a. user
b. server *******
c. client
d. browser

15. What do you add to the control element to indicate that a field is required?
a. valid name
b. error message
c. required attribute *****
d. required asterisk

16. When a required fields is blank, the browser displays a(n)
a. valid name
b. error message ****
c. required attribute
d. required asterisk

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