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Types and Terminology
The terms Management Information System (MIS), information system, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and information technology management are often confused. Information systems and MIS are broader categories that include ERP. Information technology management concerns the operation and organization of information technology resources independent of their purpose.
Most management information systems specialize in particular commercial and industrial sectors, aspects of the enterprise, or management substructure.
* Management information systems (MIS), produce fixed, regularly scheduled reports based on data extracted and summarized from the firm’s underlying transaction processing systems[5] to middle and operational level managers to identify and inform structured and semi-structured decision problems.
* Decision Support Systems (DSS) are computer program applications used by middle management to compile information from a wide range of sources to support problem solving and decision making.
* Executive Information Systems (EIS) is a reporting tool that provides quick access to summarized reports coming from all company levels and departments such as accounting, human resources and operations.
* Marketing Information Systems (MIS) are Management Information Systems designed specifically for managing the marketing aspects of the business.
* Office Automation Systems (OAS) support communication and productivity in the enterprise by automating work flow and eliminating bottlenecks. OAS may be implemented at any and all levels of management.
* School Information Management Systems (SIMS) cover school administration,and often including teaching and learning materials.
* Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) facilitates the flow of information between all business…...