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HU 4640 Week 5 Analysis

Freedom vs. Predestination

Maynard Azurin

July 21, 2014

ITT Online

What is predestination? Predestination is believed to be a doctrine which God determines if a person will go to Heaven or Hell. This gives everyone in society an opinion towards their beliefs to teaching what choices we have in accepting Christ. Predestination is also the belief that everything that will happen have already been decided by God or fate and cannot be changed (Webster (2014). Predestination. What is freedom? Many of us in today’s society see freedom or free-will as to being liberal. Freedom is not just being free as it is more of being free to what you have to express in what you believe and do. Many call freedom as “free as a bird” but to an extent in certain ways. Freedom can be simplicity, such as relaxing to live as well as others. Freedom also gives us the ability to make decisions without other influences from other people or governments. In today’s religious views, freedom teaches us the facts of God’s plan for salvation that every individual person has a choice to make, to either accept or reject God’s gift of salvation (Bennet (2009) Christians today see life towards destiny. We live and die after we live our lives. Fate is usually a predetermined course of events beyond our control. Whatever happens, happens, and there is nothing we can do to change it. Destination has its course. The Bible teaches man that we were created to make moral choices and that he is responsible for those choices. Everyone has their own story towards their life towards their predestination.

According to Calvinism, the Good News of the Gospel said “God only loves and saves those whom He choose to love and save. Everyone else God…...

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