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STAGE 2 BUSINESS AND ENTERPRISE Task description: Report: Business in Australia Core Topic: The Business Environment Assessment Type 1: Folio Due Date: 4pm on Wednesday 26 March 2014 ______________________________________________________________________________


John Smith plans to start a new business to provide ICT consultancy services to the organizations in different industries. He has $200,000 ready to be invested in the new business. His friends, Graham Arnold and Andrew Chen, are interested in joining the new business and are willing to invest, but all of them are not sure of the business model for collaboration.

John has talked to you, a business consultant, for advice and a consultancy report. This will help his consideration and his discussion with Graham and Andrew.


You undertake some research and prepare a business report. Based on their situation, you analyse and evaluate two or three specific types of ownership structure that you think are suitable, outlining their advantages and disadvantages. You then make recommendation of ONE most appropriate ownership structure based on your findings.

You also advise him on legal requirements for establishing the new business under the recommended ownership structure.

Your business report consists of: * Cover page * Table of contents * Executive summary * Relevant types of ownership structures * Recommendation * Legal requirements for establishing the new business * Bibliography * Appendices (if appropriate)

Please note:

In the section of “Relevant types of ownership structures”, you 1) exclude those types of ownership structures that are obviously not suitable and give brief reasons; and 2) focus on two or three specific types of ownership structures that you think are relevant to their...

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