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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain, author of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, created a very controversial book because it spoke very sensitive topics such as slavery. Throughout the book, we follow the adventures of Huckleberry Finn, a fictional character, as he travels the Mississippi River. Highlighted during Huck’s journey, slavery and greed are attributed to many American norms. Huck is confronted with these societal issues such as slavery with a slave Jim, owned by Ms. Watson. Huck also faces greed when Pap returns to claim him. Greed is also very evident when he meets the fake dauphin and duke, two con artists who scam many characters in their journey. Twain is very clear on his opinion about slavery and greed in America. Twain is very clever in allowing the reader of the book to connect with Jim on an emotional level, and not portraying slaves as property like many did during that time. Additionally, many of the antagonists are driven by self-serving greedy motivations which portrays Twain’s opposition to greed. This …show more content…
Huck and Jim and Twain’s tools in attacking slavery and allowing him to display Jim as very humane. Throughout the book, Jim goes from the unrewarding life of being a slave and later becomes a highly respected free man. Huck thinks of Jim almost as a normal person and disregards his skin color and that he was a former slave. Twain addresses greed similarly to slavery and demonstrates how greed can lead a person to stop acting humane and do some incredibly egotistical things. There are several examples where greed makes people act in such a way that affects others only for their own personal gain. Pap, the Duke, and Dauphin are examples of characters that Twain used to speak negatively about greed. Twain impacted society in a huge way by using the story and it's characters to speak against very real

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