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Huffman Trucking’s Publics
Since the beginning Huffman Trucking has secured a position in the logistics and transportation business. Working in the local area of Cleveland Ohio an opportunity presented itself to expand by working with the US government. By 1945 Huffman secured 16 tractors and 36 trailers. With this expansion means Huffman had to employ drivers and loaders in order to run routes from the Midwest to the east. Today Huffman has grown and with that growth he has acquired 1,400 employees, stockholders, and stakeholders. With four locations in the US, Huffman trucking has to keep in contact with its publics. They will accomplish this by using technology to the fullest to keep in contact, to evaluate its business and to train.
Huffman publics starting with its customers include: the US government, Automotive parts suppliers to major manufactures, electronic consumer products, raw materials for manufactures of plastic products and any customer requiring special accommodations such as wine,computers,munitions. With four facilities Huffman has responsibility to train; offer good pay and assure that all employees are team players. The message to all employees starts with their managers and supervisors with the help of the Human resources department. Of the 1,400 employees they come from eleven different departments these include: Accounting & Finance, Administrative/clerical, customer service, Dock workers, engineering, human resources & organizational development, management, marketing/communications, operations, safety and sales. Many of the communications done within the departments are done thru Huffman’s intranet site. Stockholders are also part of Huffman’s trucking publics and their stance is to question and measure every decision the company makes to suit the stockholders interest. The fourth group is the stakeholders those that have a vast...

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