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Huguette Clark Estate Case Study

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I appreciate the opportunity to advise you regarding this inheritance case. To ensure a complete understanding between us, I am stating the pertinent information about the advice that I will be rendering and the facts I have gathered. The law imposes various outcomes that shows how you are the rightful heirs to the late Huguette Clark estate. Querela
This is the process that I would recommend that we use Since you would naturally succeeded Ms. Clark under the ius civile as sui herdes if she would have died intestate. Then under testamentary you should have succeeded Ms. Clark also.
Since under law the person making the will have to list all disinherited male and female suis by name. Skipping any names of potential heirs could lead …show more content…
Clark was in her early 90’s when she checked herself into the hospital after becoming so sick that she emaciated herself. She then stayed for the remainder of her life there. Mrs. Clark stayed because she felt taken care of. Mrs. Clark was 104 years at the time of the two will being drafted, she was also in a hospital receiving a variety of care from this hospital. The first will clearly states that her family would be heirs of the estate. Six weeks later the second will makes her lawyer, account, nurse, and doctor as heirs to her estate. Nine years before the wills Mr. Baeyens stated that Mrs. Clark had trouble forming full sentences. Mrs. Clark had a number of people look after her expenses and she even sent her accountant to attend a reunion that she helped pay for. Mr. Kamsler her lawyer pleaded to disseminate indecent material to minors, a …show more content…
First being that with her advance age she was un able to manage her affairs without the direct help from the staff at Beth Israel Medical Center, her lawyer Mr. Bock and her accountant Kamsler. Mr. Bock and Kamsler knowingly allowed themselves to become too involved into Mrs. Clark estate inheritance which shows a clear lack of care and handling of her affairs. Secondly since she checked herself into the medical center and chose to stay there she was paying for services that would be provided that would take care of all her needs. This shows that she was no longer an independent individual with the capacity to make a will that she was very dependent on the help from the staff at this medical center and was unable to write either wills in 2005. Her personal assistant was tasked of picking her mail and delivering business correspondences to her lawyer. Third since it is law to list every person by name that she wanted to disinherited of her estate and she listed only a board terms as to who would be disinherited in her second will. Fourth it could be argued that she was influence into disinheriting her family with the second will when the first one 6 weeks before was written to give family members the estate. What could change a mind of a women that she was a stubborn and strong-willed woman. If 50 years had gone by without contacts with her family, why make a will in 2005 giving all

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