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Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is a term which includes the proper prioritizing between the working life such as career and ambition, and lifestyle such as family, leisure, health and spiritual development. It is also very important to employee job satisfaction as most companies today are having difficulties to attract and retain their workers especially in the Millennial and Y generations. It is largely due to the dissatisfaction towards the lack of work-life balance as they prefers flexibility in where, when and how they work, even to the stage where they are willing to have a pay cut or forgo a promotion in order to manage their work-life demands better (Schulte, 2015). Therefore, it is necessary for the organizations to provide support to their employees such as flexible working arrangements, dependent care and personal or family leave in order to retain and attract their workers. Besides that, lack of work-life balance provided by the organization will also affect the company itself as employees who are constantly attached to their jobs would deal with the symptoms of burnout and stress and more likely to suffer health problems which then appears to take sick leaves more often, and less efficient, less sociable and overall harder to work with. Therefore, it is best for the both employer and employee to avoid such factors through smart human resource management, as with most things in life, moderation is key to success (Boundless, 2015).

There are several ways for the human resource management to offer a range of different programs and initiatives in order to promote work-life balance which could then allow the employees to do their jobs as efficiently and effective as possible. The main thing that the human resource department and upper management must do in order to achieve work-life balance for their employees is by overriding the...

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