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Hul- 4p

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Corporate Relations and Planning
An analysis of HUL brands

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Hindustan Unilever: 4P’s analysis of three brands and short notes on other 7 major brands

Brand 1: Kwality Wall's
Product • • • Various offerings in rich, creamy and delicious flavors Known for their nutritious value Indulgent treats like Cornetto & Feast (for teens and young adults), to Moo & Paddle Pop (for kids), to family favourites like our Selection range of Red Tubs, Italian Gelato and Viennetta are available • • Manufactured using international processes Product Line includes Cornetto, Feast, Paddle Pop, Selection the award winning parlour concept, Swirl’s. Price • The prices range from low cost i.e. Paddle Pop which costs Rs 8 to Viennetta which costs Rs 150 • • The most popular Cornetto Walls is priced at Rs 20 to Rs 30 Feist is in the range of Rs 15 to Rs 20

Place • It is has a four step distribution system. From production units the lot is taken to the distributors, then wholesalers, then company salesmen and they take the lot finally to the retailers • It has major presence currently in the 30 big cities across India

It is sold extensively by push carts since most customers are impulse buyers and it believes in giving maximum visibility to the products

Promotion • • • Promoted as the “ice cream with the big heart” which is taken from its logo A “good, honest, daily scoop of pleasure” Extensive publicity campaigns especially organised by Cornetto Walls like “luv reels” and “just one cornetto” promote the youthfulness of this brand • • Feist had also undergone extensive innovative advertising via iPod Nano advertising Cornetto Walls is famously promoted as “true love never fails”

Brand 2: Closeup
Product It was the first one in the Indian market to launch a gel toothpaste It has the following product line...

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