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1. Introduction
Hull is city and unitary authority in East Riding of Yorkshire, It lies on the north bank of the River Humber estuary at its junction with the River Hull, 22 miles from the North Sea. The population of resident is about 300,000 in 2014. In 1123, the monks of Meaux abbey chose this place as a port where the wool could exported. Hull was an international seaport, the port serves Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, and the East Midlands. The newer is larger docks, which are located in east of the River Hull. It is used to deliver grain, oilseeds, foodstuffs, and wool and exports of manufactured goods. The city retains a number of historic buildings, including Holy Trinity, Wilberforce House and Trinity House Museums and Queen’s Gardens .The University of Hull is also essential mark in the city.

2. Cultural activities
Citizens have strong artistic feelings and often share the city’s culture with the people who are from different countries. This is the reason why Hull has a large number of museums and theaters that were used to enjoy the pleasure. Some famous actors and writers having been born and lived in Hull make the city have a strong theatrical tradition. So, it is no doubt that Hull contains a wide range of cultural activities. The city has two theaters. Hull new theaters are older than the hull truck theatre. These theaters will provide many activities when the city of culture is coming, which include musicals, opera, ballet, drama, children’s shows and pantomime. Hull also was called “the most poetic in England” because Philip Larkin who is a renowned poet and set many of his poems in Hull. This is a best way to attract those people who like poems and the city also will exhibit the celebrated production that was written by Philip Larkin. These productions include” the Whitsun Weddings”, “Toads” and so on.
BBC(2013)reported that he city's plans for 2017 include an opening ceremony involving theatrical elephants, dancing white phone boxes and four "rivers" of light, There will also be a stadium sound and light concert that will see lighting designer Durham Marengo work with 500 dancers on the theme of illusion and fairs. The University is planning the delivery of activities, such as a celebration of contemporary music, festival of laureates and an immersion poet event featuring Larkin’s lamp.

3. The benefits for Derry
Derry- Londonderry has gained many advantages from being the UK city of culture. The benefits involve culture and economy. In its economy, Derry-Londonderry has already seen the economic and social benefits since January, doubling its visitor numbers in a year to more than 600,000 and generating £5 for every £1 invested. The current city of culture, Londonderry, has seen around £120 million of capital investment pumped into the city since the title was won in 2009. This event also attracts more than a million visitors and the citizens lives have changed. It has given people a new confidence for the future and allowed them to put their turbulent past behind us and look towards a shared future for future generations to enjoy. In this year, the city has experienced growth in tourism, business opportunities and capital investment, as well as many artists and communities gaining opportunities to participate.
In terms of culture, local government supports the continuation of the Music promise and Portrait of a City. It hosted high-profile events including The Turner Prize and BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend. Neighborhood Renewal Areas have supported the delivery of cultural strategies. Funding in the purchase of a Mobile Marquee which enabled deprived communities to host events such as the hugely popular tea dances. The new delivery company also has support and developed new initiatives.’

4. Why hull has been chosen
The reasons for Hull being named UK City of Culture are that the city demonstrated culture as an important part of its city plan. Not only had the citizen in favor of title, but also local government strongly had supported gaining title. Hull Daily Mail (2013) reported that the planning of the city includes a 365-day programme, every day people can enjoy the activities. There will approximately 1,500 special events, which include 15 national and international commissions, 12 artists' residencies, 25 festivals and eight major community participation projects, plus conferences and broadcasting events.

The commitment suggests that the city will enhance funding in 2017 to help secure the legacy. The extra money is important for sustainable development of the cultural industry. It can improve of the quality of life for local people and increase access to tourism and culture department. The private sector and creative people strongly support this title. They are willing to provide the funds and plan to make Hull very successful in the UK city of culture. In addition, the star roles are vital for bid UK city of culture, such as Philip Larkin, The House martins and Maureen Lipman. The organizers also have a clear objective in different groups, so the constructive social influence will be delivered. Hull has enough facilities to hold UK city of culture, such as the city Hall, New Theatre and Guildhall.

5. Benefits for hull
As Hull has win the city culture 2017 title, which means Hull will get a £12m program of more than 1,500 cultural events in 2017. Obviously, the city will be able to get the benefits of the title in culture and economy. In economy, it can create a strong cultural base linked to skills, new jobs, education and inward investment. Professor David Grant, Associate Dean for Business engagement at Hull University Business School (Hull University Business School Magazine Spring 2014 P4) said: ‘the city insists on getting the benefits of the title, both in cultural and economic terms. Many businesses could focus on this title and take advantage of the opportunities bring by providing the products and services for the visitor’. And also business could introduce innovative technologies and flow-line their supply chains as they prepare for visitors’. Dr Steve Trotter, senior lecturer in economics (Hull University Business School Magazine Spring 2014 P4) said: ‘Hull’s success is a good news for the city and the region from an economic point of view. Anything that puts hull on the map and draws visitors to the area helps to boost the local economy, both directly through the money the visitors spend and indirectly through the knock-on effects that spending generates’. For example, most people need to eat when they stay in hull and also pay for event tickets, which can efficiently improve local income. Investment in hotels and other businesses caters for visitors will create local job, because some enterprises will set up house to satisfy with visitor needs. Surprised, twenty local firms have also agreed to give 1700 each as part of the business angels’ initiative to help fun initial start-up costs.
In terms of culture, the City of Culture designation is able to increase levels of professional artistic collaboration.there are about 3, 000 lantern-bearing volunteers will be participated in spectacular “four rives” opening ceremony. These events will accompanied by dancing white telephone boxes. An aerial spectacular will feature gravity defying aerial artistes, fireworks and dramatic special effects. Poet Philip’s Larkin’s legacy will be celebrated with a retrospective of his work at Hull University. Local people will use their aspiration to disseminate admiration for culture. This expression will show daily life. Obviously, media will play a key role to develop Hull’s culture. This is because UK city of culture has been became an industry. Apart from local people, national people are also feeling happy for this event. Even though some people might not come here to enjoy a wonderful time. The TV program and newspaper can also deliver this stimulating information for people. This is the best way to transmit Hull’ culture all over the world. It is no doubt that the citizen will be proud of the action. At the same, it will stimulate the people who desire all the people work together to preserve the culture

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