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Hult is the best business school where to pursue an MIB degree
A college or university is an institution of learning. It is a place which moulds the life of an individual. One of the biggest decisions of life includes the decision to decide the university to join. In education industry there are many top ranked business schools and universities but according to me Hult is the best place to pursue MIB degree. In Hult you get the chance to study in 3 campuses out of 6 across the world, it is highly ranked in financial times and The Economist, it gives you an opportunity to be the part of Hult prize, diversity in class, you get an Ipad for the studies, etc. Out of all these reasons I would like to explain first three reasons which are the main reasons.
Global rotation up to 3 campuses
Very few universities gives opportunities to study at more than one location where as Hult provide an opportunity to study at 3 different locations across the globe out of 6 campuses. It provides an opportunity to work with different people and different economies. And being a Business student it is necessary to have international exposure and international networking and Hult’s global rotation program gives an opportunity to have international exposure. As said by the Hult President, Dr. Stephen Hodges “Practical experience is crucial for anyone who wants to understand the subtle differences between doing business in the world’s most powerful economies.” And with Hult we can study and explore the economies of Countries like U.S., UK, China, UAE, and Brazil. This is not the only reason which makes Hult the best place to pursue MIB.
FT and Economist Rankings
It is important for any international student to have guidelines from reliable sources about the universities that where they stand in different areas to make the final decision and some of the reliable sources are Financial Times,...

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