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The following set of Discussion Questions has been proposed for use in this class. In almost all cases, these will be the Discussion Questions used throughout the weeks of class. However, please make sure you read the question as posted in the Main Forum and respond appropriately.

Week One Discussion Questions

• What do you think is the difference between thinking and critical thinking? Why?

• According to the text, good thinking is a habit. Which bad habits to you think hinder your ability to be a good thinker? Why?

• What is active listening? How do you think active listening is related to critical thinking?

• There are predictable stages through which every critical thinker must pass. Under what circumstances might one regress from one stage to a previous one? In your current stage of development as a critical thinker, have you progressed or regressed to this stage?

• Review the following Elder and Paul articles in this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings:

o “Critical Thinking: Nine Strategies for Everyday Life, Part I” o “Critical Thinking: Nine Strategies for Everyday Life, Part II”

Choose one of the nine strategies. How might you apply it in your life to be a better student?

Week Two Discussion Questions

• Select three habits that hinder thinking from those discussed in Ch. 3 of The Art of Thinking. How have you struggled with these habits in the past? What can you do to overcome these habits and improve your thinking?

• Even though life is dynamic and people go through major and minor changes almost daily, many people are resistant to change. This is especially true in the workplace. How can critical and creative thinking help overcome perceptual blocks that hinder thinking and productivity? If you were a manager and your employees were struggling with an operational change, what could you do to help them overcome…...

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