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1. Give the author’s “more formal” definition of thinking. What page(s) in the text did you find the answer on?

Thinking is any mental activity that helps formulate or solve a problem, make a decision, or fulfill a desire to understand. It is a searching for answers, a reaching for meaning. Chapter 1, page 4

2. What one “thing” is required to successfully solve a problem and analyze an issue? What page(s) in the text did you find the answer on?

Successful problem solving and issue analysis require factual knowledge—that is, familiarity with the historical context of the problem or issue and an understanding of the relevant principles and concepts.
Chapter 1, page 5

3. What three things are increasingly expected of employees? What page(s) in the text did you find the answer on?

Skill in problem solving, issue analysis, and decision making is increasingly expected of employees.
Chapter 1, page 5

4. The right hemisphere of the brain governs what responses? The left hemisphere of the brain handles what tasks? What page(s) in the text did you find the answer on?

The right hemisphere, it was learned, governs nonverbal, symbolic, and intuitive responses. Chapter 1, page 6

5. What are the two distinct phases of the mind? What page(s) in the text did you find the answer on?

The extravagance of popularizers notwithstanding, neurophysiological research seems to parallel cognitive psychologists’ earlier realization that the mind has two distinct phases—the production phase and the judgment phase— that complement each other during problem solving and decision making.
Chapter 1, page 7

6. Is good thinking a habit, yes or no? What page(s) in the text did you find the answer on?

GOOD THINKING IS A HABIT It is frequently said that good thinkers are born, not made. Although there is an element of truth in this, the idea is essentially false. Some people have more talent for thinking than others, and some learn more quickly. As a result, over the years one person may develop thinking ability to a greater extent than another. Nevertheless, effective thinking is mostly a matter of habit. Chapter 1, page 8

7. Your development as a thinker will be impacted by your ideas about what five things? What page(s) in the text did you find the answer on?

Thus, the ideas you have about free will, truth, knowledge, opinion, and the debating of moral issues will make a difference in your development as a thinker. Chapter 2, page 25

8. A person can only discuss moral issues meaningfully if they affirm what? What page(s) in the text did you find the answer on?

First, you can discuss moral issues meaningfully only if you affirm that people have some control over their behavior and to that extent are responsible for it. Chapter 2, page 26

9. What is the author’s definition of truth? What page(s) in the text did you find the answer on?

Truth is what is so about something, the reality of the matter, as distinguished from what people wish were so, believe to be so, or assert to be so. Chapter 2, page 27

10. The test of a theory’s validity must lie where? What page(s) in the text did you find the answer on?

The test of a theory’s validity must lie outside the theory itself. Chapter 2, page 28

11. Is it possible for the truth to change, yes or no? What page(s) in the text did you find the answer on?

No. It may sometimes seem to, but on closer inspection it will be found not to. Chapter 2, page 28

12. The author offers us a way to combat confusion about the issue of truth - what is his suggestion? What page(s) in the text did you find the answer on?

One easy way to spare yourself any further confusion about truth is to reserve the word truth for the final answer to an issue. Get in the habit of using the words belief, theory, and present understanding more often. This will have the added benefit of making you more willing to revise your views when new evidence appears and casts doubt on them. Chapter 2, page 28

13. What are the three ways of knowing something? What page(s) in the text did you find the answer on?

We can obtain authentic knowledge in any one of three ways: personal experience, observation, and report from others. Chapter 2, page 30

14. What is problematic about the use of the word “opinion” according to the author? What page(s) in the text did you find the answer on?

The basic problem with the word opinion is that it is too general. It is made to carry a heavier load than it can bear, covering both expressions of taste and expressions of judgment. Chapter 2, page 34

15. What does the author consider crucial for the responsible development of an opinion? What page(s) in the text did you find the answer on?

A clear understanding of cause and effect relationships is crucial to the responsible formation of opinions.
Chapter 2, page 35

16. What four facts must be understood before assessing possible cause-effect relationships? NOTE: copy and paste only the bolded portions of the text, #’s 1 – 4, which answer this question – not the extensive paragraphs following those fact headings. What page(s) in the text did you find the answer on?

One event can precede another without causing it.
Not all causation involves force or necessity.
There is a wild card in human affairs—free will.
Causation is often complex.
Chapter 2, pages 35-38

17. Is it possible to avoid making value judgments? What page(s) in the text did you find the answer on?

As the following cases illustrate, it is impossible to avoid making value judgments. Chapter 2, page 40

18. Value judgment forms the basis of what two things? What page(s) in the text did you find the answer on?

Value judgment is the basis of our social code as well as our legal system. Chapter 2, page 40

19. What principle does the author assert to be the most reliable basis for moral judgment (as well as being the foundation of most systems of ethics)? What page(s) in the text did you find the answer on?

The most reliable basis for moral judgment, the basis that underlies most ethical systems, is the principle that people have rights existing independently of any government or culture. Chapter 2, page 41

20. In making moral judgments, what ideals should be considered? What page(s) in the text did you find the answer on?

The ideals that should be considered are sensitivity to others’ needs, justice, and fairness. Chapter 2, page 43

21. Are confused, defeatist, helpless reactions inborn in us or learned? What page(s) in the text did you find the answer on?

Studies show that confused, defeatist, helpless reactions are not inborn in us. They are learned. Chapter 3, page 51

22. What three steps you can take to help you begin to achieve your individuality? NOTE: quote first sentence of each step only. What page(s) in the text did you find the answer on?
Acknowledge the influences that have shaped your thinking.
Sort out and evaluate your ideas and attitudes, even your most cherished ones.
Choose the best ones.
Chapter 3, page 53-54
23. Name the six habits that hinder thinking? NOTE: do not include their description/explanation paragraphs – just the names of the six habits. What page(s) in the text did you find the answer on?

The Mine-Is-Better Habit
Face Saving
Resistance to Change
Chapter 3, page 54-60

24. Define ‘critical evaluation’. What page(s) in the text did you find the answer on?

Critical evaluation* is active, thoughtful examination, as opposed to passive acceptance, of what you read, hear, and see. Chapter 4, page 68

25. What is the standard of judgment in critical evaluation? What page(s) in the text did you find the answer on?

The standard of judgment in such evaluation is not how closely the author’s view matches your own, but whether it is accurate and reasonable. Chapter 4, page 68

26. A fundamental requirement for critical evaluation is making distinctions. What are the six important distinctions examined in your text? NOTE: list only the six distinctions, not their descriptive/explanatory paragraphs. What page(s) in the text did you find the answer on?

The Distinction Between the Person and the Idea
The Distinction Between Matters of Taste and Matters of Judgment
The Distinction Between Fact and Interpretation
The Distinction Between Literal and Ironic Statements
The Distinction Between an Idea’s Validity and the Quality of Its Expression
The Distinction Between Language and Reality
Chapter 4 pages 69-72

27. What steps does the author of your text recommend using as a strategy for critical reading? NOTE: include only the steps, not their explanations/descriptive paragraphs.) What page(s) in the text did you find the answer on?

Step 1: Skim the Work
Step 2: Reflect on Your Views
Step 3: Read the Work
Step 4: Evaluate What You Read
Step 5: Express Your Judgment
Chapter 4, pages 73-77

28. What steps does the author of your text recommend we use as a strategy for critical listening? Note: copy and paste only the steps themselves, not the descriptive paragraphs. What page(s) in the text did you find the answer on?

Step 1: Set Aside Preconceptions
Step 2: Focus on the Message
Step 3: Identify Key Assertions and Supporting Information
Steps 4 and 5: Evaluate the Message and Express Your Judgment
Chapter 4, pages 80-81

29. What are the two “phases” of the human mind? What page(s) in the text did you find the answer on?

The human mind, as we have seen, has two phases. It both produces ideas and judges them. Chapter 5, page 95

30. This question has three parts:
First, what are the four stages in the creative process? Note: copy and paste only the direct answers, not the descriptive/explanatory paragraphs. What page(s) in the text did you find the answer on?

The First Stage: Searching for Challenges
The Second Stage: Expressing the Problem or Issue
The Third Stage: Investigating the Problem or Issue
The Fourth Stage: Producing Ideas
Chapter 5, pages 103-104

Second, what are the six techniques you can use to help regain your curiosity? Note: copy and paste only the direct answers, not the descriptive/explanatory paragraphs. What page(s) in the text did you find the answer on?

1. Be observant.
2. Look for the imperfections in things.
3. Note your own and others’ dissatisfactions.
4. Search for causes.
5. Be sensitive to implications.
6. Recognize the opportunity in controversy.
Chapter 6, page 116

Third, what are the 7 strategies the author recommends for stimulating your imagination? Note: copy and paste only the direct answers, not the descriptive/explanatory paragraphs. What page(s) in the text did you find the answer on?

1. Force uncommon responses.
2. Use free association.
3. Use analogy.
4. Look for unusual combinations.
5. Visualize the solution.
6. Construct pro and con arguments.
7. Construct relevant scenarios.
Chapter 9, page 163

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