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hum 176 Part One Our lead story tonight is the city council voted to close our city parks 3 days a week in order to save money. This will have impact on our family who like to utilize the parks for family picnics and the playground. As this story continues to unfold we will keep our viewers updated by our website and Facebook, and all the information we have will be provided to our viewers. We will have a special link on our website that has the days and hours the parks are open as well as any changes to the scheduled days. As the director of this news station I chose the parks story because it impacts more of our listening area. The celebrity death will get coverage but as a mention in unrelated news. Since the celebrity news will be good for rating, it will get enough time to share the details with the viewers. We can have more information about this story on our website for those looking for more details then we cover on the news. The role of the media is to cover all stories but also know what its viewers are looking for. If we do not give them the important information about their community then they can get it elsewhere and that will hurt our ratings. As a news station it is our responsibility to make all the information we have available to our viewers and to do this we put the information on our website, make it available for goggling and have a link on our social networking sites like Facebook. We as reporters need to make sure the information we are giving is accurate and truthful, especially when we put the stories online. With online news there are legal issues such as making sure the story is not taken from another station, the wording is our own and that if there were interviews done the interviewees were given credit for their words. This is also an ethical issue, as we do...

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...Dear Author Here are the proofs of your article. ·You can submit your corrections online, or via e-mail. · For online submission please insert your corrections in the online correction form. Always indicate the line number to which the correction refers. · You can also insert your corrections in the proof PDF and email the annotated PDF. · Remember to note the journal title, manuscript number, and your name when sending your response via e-mail. · Check any questions that have arisen during copy editing or typesetting and insert your answers/corrections. ·Check that the text is complete and that all figures, tables and their legends are included. Also check the accuracy of special characters, equations, and additional files if applicable. Substantial changes in content, e.g., new results, corrected values, title and authorship are not allowed without the approval of the responsible editor. In such a case, please contact us for futher advice. · If we do not receive your corrections within 48 hours, we will send you a reminder. · The final versions of your article will be published around one week after receipt of your corrected proofs. Jaworek et al. Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases 2012, 7:44 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 RESEARCH Open Access Molecular genetic studies and delineation of the oculocutaneous albinism phenotype in the Pakistani population Thomas J Jaworek1, Tasleem Kausar2, Shannon M Bell1, Nabeela......

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