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Music tells a story or paints a picture in your mind about the lives of others and shows how cultures are different and how the cultures have changed. There are many types of music that show how popular cultures have evolved. Many songs tell you stories about the artist’s life. Listening to music from different artists gives a person some perspective of what different cultures are. If one was to listen to some of the music from the fifties, sixties, and the decades since then, they will notice how popular cultures have grown and changed. Many people are also influenced by the music that they listen to. Music sets trends and influences how we dress, act, and respond to situations. If everyone acted like the songs that they listen to, there would be much, more violence in the world than there is now, and there would be lots more babies because of the music that is written about sex, there would be massive drug use because of the music about doing drugs. No matter what the songs are about there are some people who think they have to do what the music is telling them to do because it is the “cool” thing to do. Teenagers try to imitate the artists that they listen to and they want to be like them. Some will even go to extremes to be like the famous people that they admire. The different types of music show that there are many different types of popular culture and the differences may seem big, but in reality they are all closely related. Even though the words may be different, the base meaning of most songs is what is going on in someone else’s...

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