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Hum105 Cosimic Creation Myths

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Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures
Alexi LaBrenz
HUM 105
Professor Jordan “Chris”
April 10, 2016

Cosmic Creation Myths Across Cultures When discussing different cosmic creation myths, something to remember is the style of creation myth it is. There are nine different styles of myths when talking about creation: accretion or conjunction, secretion, sacrifice, division or consummation, earth-diver, emergence, two creators, deus faber, and ex nihillo. For the purpose of discussing the Norse creation myth, and the Genesis myth focus will be on secretion, division or consummation, deus faber and ex nihillo (Leonard, 2004).
Genesis: The Creation Account Arguably one of the most well-known mythological account of how the world came to be is the story of Genesis. Before divulging into the myth itself, there are two different styles of creation presented. The first is deus faber - wonder of nature, intricacy and complexity of life, and secondly, ex nihillo – of god, creating out of chaos (Leonard, 2004). In the beginning of the world, according to Genesis, there was nothing but God. Then God took seven days, which symbolize the seven days of our week. On the first day, Sunday, God created heaven and earth. Not finished with his creation, he created light on the second day, and with light came darkness, this is what is now know as night and day. On the third day he created water and land, followed by vegetation. On the fourth he created the stars to give light to the night sky, as well as the transition of seasons. All animals were created on the fifth day, and on the sixth day man was created in Gods image, to walk in his walk and do his bidding. He was to take care of world that God had built for him, prosperous so that he should want nothing, and multiply himself to build a family that would walk in the ways of God. God placed the man in the Garden of...

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