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Justin Gilmore
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HUM 110
“The Music of the Rolling Stones”

“My concept for The Music of The Rolling Stones was to take the music as close to the originals as we could and then add the orchestral colors to enhance what the Stones had done,” says Brent Havens, the conductor of the musical event (“Ted Constant Convocation Center”). Thus, Brent is trying to recreate the era from which the Rolling Stones were a major music sensation. I was not alive when the Rolling Stones were at their peak in popularity and financial success, however, the music they have produced still can connect with any generation. The intent of the concert “The Music of the Rolling Stones” is to connect the great lyrics and songwriting of the Rolling Stones with the younger and older generations.
One way the conductor Brent Havens tried to make a connection with the audience is through the use of an “amplified by a full rock band and accompanied by singer Brody Dolyniuk’s vocals” (“Ted Constant Convocation Center”). The appeal of a modern sound with that of the Virginia Symphony Orchestra, “gives the music a richness”. Brody Dolyniuk said, “My goal onstage is to break down a façade,” which helps to produce a realistic feel, comparable to that of the Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger (Ward). Brody portrays a similar stage presence as Mick Jagger, and also showed the audience “a few Mick Jagger (dance) moves,” in order to get a little more group participation.
Although I enjoyed the production, I also heard a few members of the audience tell me they thought Brody’s voice was “not the same as Mick Jagger’s,” thus making a notion that it was a bad concert. However, I feel as though the work was unique in the usage of the orchestra and my favorite instrument, the xylophone. Instead of a guitar solo, the xylophone player had his own solo to open one of the songs. Even though Brody’s voice is “not the same,” it still was rather close. My wife and I are in agreement that the Virginia Symphony Orchestra made the concert a memorable experience, because of the classical instruments playing the modern melodies. Also, both the amplified instruments and the classical instruments gave the Rolling Stones music its own twist.
The group played “Brown Sugar” and “Angie” which are two very popular songs played by the Rolling Stones, but when Brody Dolyniuk, the amplified band, and the Virginia Symphony Orchestra played they had their own sound that is almost indescribable. However, some of the audience members were from the era of the Rolling Stones and to them this concert was more of a performance than an actual concert. The couple in front of me was not amused by some of the showmanship of Brody. They came to the concert because they simply wanted to hear the classic sounds of the “real” Rolling Stones.
In conclusion, I feel the experience was a great combination of modern music played in a unique style. Although some people were not very open minded to the situation at hand, overall the conductor Brent Havens and his lead vocalist Brody Dolyniuk did an impressive job to grab the audience’s attention. I am in strong agreement with how Brent utilized music as a medium to captivate the audience, both young and older. Thus, my mind is more accepting of new experiences unlike some of the other members of the audience.
Lastly, even though the music was for entertainment, the overall lyrics of the Rolling Stones are that of common and shared experiences between all ages and races. The amplified band and the Virginia Symphony Orchestra seem to represent both young and old within all of us. I would recommend this concert for all ages to interpret and more importantly enjoy themselves.

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