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Hum220 Week 5

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Checkpoint: Integrated Information Management

The four external considerations are economic, sociological, political and technological. The Economic domain is sources of contributions, funds, referrals, and customer and employee competitors. The aim is to get the most out of the sources. The sociological domain covers mainly community and its values. It also covers larger political divisions and the included agencies. It will come up with a list of people, their needs, strength, weaknesses, opportunities and problems. When you look at it as data form it is easy to report. On to the political domain, this houses what the Board of Directors will manage, and also how to go about handling their concerns. The final one is technological domain which includes technological advancement so can stay and top of new technologies and developments.

Internal Considerations are listed as follows: organizational purpose, philosophy and mission statement, organizational operations, organizational planning, human resources, technological factors, and financial assets. All the factors that have any influence on a company’s goals are the organizational purpose. This checks and verifies that any and all data about populations and expected outcomes have been gathered so it can move forward. Organizational resources ensure that the members of each department is doing their job and keeping up. While the organizational planning keeps track of the goals and marks for their achievement. Human resources collect information about demographics, licensing, certifications, and staff training. Technological resources make sure that the newest technology and operations/know-how is being applied. Financial resources follow income and expenses, this helps the manager predict and see financial problems...

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