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Human Awareness

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Human Awareness Essay – Source Analysis

Should all babies be DNA fingerprinted at birth?

Article to be evaluated:

Website: Genetics and Public Issues – ELSI (Ethical, Legal and Social Issues) –


This source is a reliable one as it was developed by Dr. Clay Dillingham and Dr. Susan Root. They are professionals, educated in the technique and knowledgeable about the subject with years of experience as scientists in the field. Therefore it is expected to have some reliability.


This article presents both the advantages and disadvantages of the topic of storing everyone’s DNA sequences and is not biased in either direction. It gives the scientific facts and procedures of DNA fingerprinting and continues to give the good effects and also the issues it would cause in the public. It explains how DNA fingerprinting would benefit us, referring to the solving of criminal offenses, detection of possible future diseases of the subject, clues about possible behavioral traits, and other medical information. This is the positive side. The article also discusses the negative side and questions the accessibility of the DNA fingerprints and the information they hold. The effects on the public if the information was misused are discussed including the impact on individuals in relation to seeking insurance policies and the debate about whether people who are likely to develop a fatal disease should be informed about their fate, This article is well balanced and not biased toward either side.


This source is relevant to the Human Awareness thread and could be used as an information source. It will be useful in the discussion about the positive and negative effects of using DNA...

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