Human Behavior: Negative and Positive Effects on the Environment

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Human Behavior: Negative and Positive Effects on the Environment

Human behavior has many effects on the environment; some of which are negative and some that are positive. The environment also affects human behavior. Negative effects of human behavior can be seen in animal extinction, climate change, pollution, noise, and deforestation, just to name some. Protecting the ozone layer, conserving earth’s resources such as; water and power, and protecting endangered animals are some of the ways that human behavior has a positive effect on the environment. When something in the environment triggers important information or causes a reaction it is known as an environmental cue. Environmental cues often affect human behavior.

Environmental Impact
Humans cannot possibly avoid impact of the environment; just existing creates an impact on the environment. However that impact can be positive. The negative impact that humans have on the environment is the main concern today and causes concern for the future. Humans have changed the environment by making adaptations to make living more comfortable. However humans don’t always consider the consequences for the behaviors they exhibit (Derreby, 2011).

Environmental Cues
Steg (2013) describes environmental cues as environmental elements that trigger a reaction or send information that is important. Environmental cues signal humans to behave in sync with social norms or to engage in a specific action, however the response depends on the individual responds to the cue. Recycling is a great example of how human behavior is affected by environmental cues. Many towns now have recycling programs, such as road side pickup, where the recyclers come to your home. Residents are encouraged to recycle and seeing neighbors recycle each week encourages them to do it also.

Supporting Sustainability
Humans are powered…...

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