Human Behavior

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Many people overlook the significance of the biological influence on human behavior. They fail to realize what a big impact our biology as humans have on characteristics, views and behavior. Mutations in our biology and neurological systems are the cause of many of the psychological disorders that people suffer today.
Our environment as well as the way we think and feel influence our everyday behaviors. These thoughts and feelings are processed by neurons in the brain and nervous system. Neurotransmitters in our brain and nervous system control all of our functions. When these neurotransmitters don’t function properly, such serotonin which controls sleeping, eating, mood, pain and depression, psychological disorders may arise.
Molecular genetics seeks to identify specific genes that are associated with behavior and psychological disorders (Feldman, 2009). Research in molecular genetics has helped to identify genetic markers that are linked to many psychological disorders such as schizophrenia and depression. Research into this field may help develop earlier detection and treatment for these disorders and may also lead to effective gene therapy that can be used to potentially treat these same diseases.
Aside from psychological disorders that can be genetically identifiable, physical characteristics that result from our biology and genetics can also affect us psychologically. Although environment also plays a role, physical characteristics such as weight, tone of voice, athleticism and intellectual characteristics such as memory and intelligence can also produce disorders such as depression, alcoholism and schizophrenia. It is important for us to find these biological factors that predispose us to physical and intellectual characteristics that can change our psyche.
Although environment and our own individual development influence the possible…...